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by Cory


The ayam cemani is a variety of chicken from Java, Indonesia. They are a variety of the breed Ayam Kedu. The town of Kedu, Java was an important spot for the Dutch trade routes which started in 1595. The settlers wanted a chicken that was a dual purpose breed, so they started to make it that way and the result was the Kedu. So the full name of the bird is Ayam Kedu Cemani. The fibromelanosis is a genetic oddity of the bird, like albinism in humans. The Ayam Cemani is a sub-type variety of the Ayam Kedu Cemani. The Ayam Cemani which literally translates into ‘chicken jet-black,’ is a collection of features that bring it to be darker. There are features that difficult to perfect in the breed, and it is why they can be so expensive and sought after, even in their country of origin, when there are countless breeders, who have had tons of genetic diversity, who are trying to get the best of the best darkness they can. They still get issues with mulberry and leakage, although less commonly. Here in the United States, there is only a handful of Cemanis that have ever been imported, and those birds have more often than not carried more of the typical Ayam Kedu and Ayam Pelung Kedu than their highest quality Indonesian counterparts. If people there are paying a months salary for a high quality chicken to sacrifice to bless their new venture, relationship, etc, then why would they ever let go of their best to an American? It has been a real struggle for all of us genuine breeders to work out the undesirable features. Some breeders have been working more strategically and demandingly than others. Therefore they often get high quality cemanis, and less often flaws, but those flaws still pop up even in the best lines. This can be a real problem due to some recessive genetics than can sometimes rear their ugly heads. This is why cemani roosters will often go for astronomical prices, because mulberry and leakage, and other traits pop up in their adulthood.

I have purchased the best stock I could find, occasionally my chicks will grow out to mulberry color of wattles, show color leakage in feathers, and even have lighter colored mouths. I do get black mouths, but often gray, which is not even on the proposed standard of perfection, so you would not lose points for having gray mouths in competition, but I am working towards having a more uniform mouth color of black. For the chicks I sell, I will immediately screen for foot color, if they do not have the black quick to grow out into black, they will not be sold. If they have white toes, they will not be sold. If they are not strong, and healthy as the chicks should be, they will not be sold. Because of all these things, and how I am more new to this project than others, I keep my price lower to accurately reflect that. Our core values here at Vivid Hatchery include integrity and transparency, so we do not feel it is fair to charge astronomical prices for birds that we are not sure will meet the high expectations of our ideals. There is a good probability you will get high quality birds from our stock, and eventually you may be able to perfect yours down the line so even more of your stock is consistently exceptional.

We are actively engaged in building the quality of our lines, as well as our reputation, so we are offering great prices for our birds when you factor in the costs of all of the cemanis who did not make the cut, so that you can have ones of good quality.

Our facility is NPIP compliant, and able to ship chicks across country. Our chicks are guaranteed to arrive live, if not you get a refund of the cost of the birds, or a discount on your next order.

There is a minimum order of four to buy. They are $35 each + $50 to ship. If you spend $200, shipping is free.

Cory Stone
Registered Agent
Vivid Hatchery LLC

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