by Cory Stone

Gorgeous Isabel Orpington unsexed babies, only as far away as your local post office. Our price is $50 each + $50 to ship. Free shipping over $200. The minimum to buy is four to better ensure them a safe journey. Their live arrival is guaranteed. In the unfortunate event of a loss, you can either get a refund of the lost amount, or put the money to your next order. You can mix this breed with any of our other breeds in a shipment.

We also sell AYAM CEMANI, DOUBLE SILVER LACED BARNEVELDERS, ISABEL ORPINGTONS, and the endangered SWEDISH ORUST. So please check out our page facebook.com/vividhatchery or our web page vividhatchery.com


The Isabel Orpington is the mixture of these genetically expressed characteristics, the lavender gene, gold gene, and barring gene. Lavender Orpingtons have a gene that is different than the blue gene. It has the rare Lavender recessive gene, which dilutes the black of the orpington into a washed out lighter color. If it is in the right lighting, they can appear to have a lavender or lilac colored hue It Is a very beautiful, friendly, curious, non-flighty and dual purpose breed, which means they lay a bunch of light brown eggs and get fairly large, five to seven pounds for a hen, 8-12 pounds for a rooster.

Our breeders have been selected to be to type according to the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection. They are to the type of Orpington, but to the coloration of "self-blue" or lavender as it is commonly called. In England SOP the color variety is called pearl-gray. The lavender orpington can compete in shows as an AOV (All other variety) until the breed is accepted by the APA, which is what me and a handful of people are working towards accomplishing together. Orpington is under the SOP English classification.

We at Vivid Hatchery, are proud of our birds, but know not to grow complacent. We have a solid type, size, proper amount of feather fluff, beak color, and leg color. There are some minor things we are working towards such as a more even color distribution on a feather level, and over the entire body. We would like to sharpen the depth of color and contrast from the gold color, as well as sharpen the lavender color evenness, as well as continue to maintain vigor and body type in the process. This breed is very cold hardy. You may have to look extremely closely to recognize what we see, but our philosophy is when you stop moving forward you move backwards.

These chicks have been vaccinated for Marek's disease. One in ten chickens is paralyzed or killed by Marek's over the course of their lifetime if not vaccinated within the first 24 hours of life. We are also a licensed NPIP facility, so we keep updated and keep away the really bad communicable diseases. Because of that we do not allow people to visit the facility for risk of them carrying those nasty bugs and us losing our certification to ship birds all over the country.

Thank you for your time,

Cory Stone
Vivid Hatchery LLC
Registered Agent

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