VA - 2 Pekin, 3 Rouen, 1 Magpie, 2 Runner, & 17 Muscovy Ducks Available

by Troy Morgan
(Stafford, VA)

-2 Pekin Drakes, good foragers not overly aggressive to ducks. Solid white feathers, orange bill and

-3 Rouen Drakes, good foragers semi-aggressive to ducks. All three look nearly identical. All have
same coloring as Mallards. Very pretty birds.

-1 Magpie Drake, good forager not overly aggressive to ducks. Mostly white with spots of black. Good
looking duck. Very chatty.

-2 Runner Drakes, good foragers not overly aggressive to ducks. One is dark gray with some black the
other is solid black, excellent teal sheen when the light is right. Both are very chatty.

-7 Muscovy Drakes, great foragers. 1 Alpha of the flock, 2 old timers and 4 yearlings. Typical
Muscovy drakes. Fight amongst themselves for the attention of the ladies. Alpha is brown and white.
Old timers are both white. Yearlings – 2 are gray and some white. 1 is dark with teal sheen in the light
and some white. 1 is mostly white but with some gray and black mixed in; not quite a bard but close.

-2 mixed breed ducks. Appear to be a cross between the Magpies and Muscovy. One is a bit larger than
the other but sounds like a magpie, the smaller doesn’t make any noise that I’ve heard.

-3 mostly brown Muscovy ducks. Oldest is one of our originals, 6 years old. The two younger hatched
earlier this year. Oldest lady is great momma. Hatched numerous clutches over the years and does a
great job with ducklings.

-2 brown and white Muscovy ducks. Older of the two another one of our originals. Like a cat, has nine
lives. Taken by fox twice and dog once. Still with us. Great layer and hatcher. Younger duck hatched
earlier this spring.

-2 white Muscovy ducks. Both are great layers and hatchers. A few years old. One has an injured foot.
But she manages to get around quite well.

i3 multi colored Muscovy ducks – black, white, teal green sheen in the light. All three a few years old.
Great layers and hatchers.

2 Pekin | 3 Rouen | 1 Magpie | 2 Indian Runner | 2 mixed (suspect Magpie and Muscovy) | 17 Muscovy

Pictures available upon request. Email for more information.

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