VA - Cream, Golden Crele, and White Legbars

by Anthony Markley
(Boston, Virginia)

Reserve Champion - First Annual Cream Legbar Club Online, Virtual Show

Reserve Champion - First Annual Cream Legbar Club Online, Virtual Show

High Water Hill Farm proudly presents some of the best legbars available in the USA.

I breed for strong constitutions, genetic diversity, and temperament. I currently serve as president of the Cream Legbar Club. I have contributed to the SOP for the cream legbar and drafted the current SOPs for the golden crele and white legbars. My legbars have done well in shows:

2015 First Annual Cream Legbar Online, Virtual Show: Reserve Champion, Best Variety - Golden Crele, Best and Reserve Variety - White Legbar

2015 American-British Poultry Club: Reserve Champion AOSB - White Legbar

2013 Virginia Poultry Breeders Association: Best and Reserve Variety - Cream Legbar

I sell hatching egg, chicks, and grown out birds. I ship continental USA. My flock is NPIP and AI clean. Virginia 52-268. I am also a certified NPIP tester. Email me at

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May 13, 2019
Disbanded flocks NEW
by: Anthony Markley

Since I retired the end of May 2018, my wife and I have gotten into traveling. I have also gotten back into masters track and field competing on a national and international level. Finding chicken sitters and the associated expense had become an issue. So at the beginning of 2019, I announced the disbanding of my flocks. I had very, very good legbars with many show winners and high level competitors in the flocks that had worked over a 6 year period. I had advertised the disbanding of my flocks on several Facebook chicken groups. The response was both overwhelming and very gratifying. I had over 50 responses from all over the USA for my birds.

In the end, I wanted my birds to go to some breeders who would build upon what I had already accomplished. So my birds were sold to the following folks:

Cream Legbars:
• Megan Mayo Powers
• Rebecca Tovelli-Cook
• Ed Kinser
• Karen Anderson

Golden Crele Legbars:
• Margaret Gimblin

White Legbars:
• Sarah Evenson Merranko

All of these folks may be found on Facebook. The cream legbar breeders are located in Virginia. The golden crele legbar breeder is located in West Virginia. The white legbar breeder is located in Maryland.

Best regards to all!

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