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VA - Standard Dark Brahma Cockerels

by Joe
(Southwest Virginia, USA )

Dark Brahma cockerel

Dark Brahma cockerel

We have 12 week old show quality standard dark Brahma cockerels, 3 in total. They have been handled since hatching and are very well mannered. They’ll eat of your hand and really like people. I think they’ll make an excellent addition to a larger flock.

They are show quality, and while they haven’t yet grown into their adult feathers, their parents (second to last photo shown of larger bird) is quite nice. (Note we ordered eggs from this farm and do not have the parents on site.) Our hens from this hatch have developed their feathers and are very good (last photo).

We would love to keep them but don’t have enough hens to keep a good ratio. We are located in SW Virginia and will drive reasonable distance to meet. We are asking $20 each, price negotiable.

More photos available on request. Contact Joe at hoyt0629@aol.com

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