WA - Langshan Chicks, White, Blue and Black

by Linda Penning
(Spokane, WA)

Black Langshan Chick

Black Langshan Chick

Black Langshan Chick
White Langshan Chick
Blue Langshan Chick

I have large beautiful and the most friendly Langshans. These are the friendliest and most gentle chickens I have ever encountered. I have black, blue and white Langshans. I am hatching chicks if anyone is interested. Have some available hatched 3/25, 4/5, 4/10, 4/16 and hatching 4/25. I can't tell the sex so they are straight run only. $10.00 per chick. Available for local pick up in Spokane WA area or can ship within the United States. I am NPIP certified. If shipped a minimum of 8 chicks. Postage runs about 55.00 for 8 chicks includes heat pack, box, bedding and Grogel. They lay a large medium brown egg with some plum colored spots. No full bloom yet although this is the first spring my hens have been laying. Parent stock is from excellent bloodlines from Judy Gaines' Beaufort Line. Good conformation and superb leg feathering. They are a very large chicken and excellent dual purpose. You can learn more about these wonderful chickens on my website at springleaffarm.com. I have attached pictures of the chicksc, parents and eggs for your review. If you would like to place an order or have questions, you can message or email me at lindapenning@comcast.net; or text or call Linda at 509-939-9015. Thank you for your interest.

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