Wanted: Silkie Chicks

by Carly

I am looking for a couple of silkie female chicks. I am also interested in a few other breeds if you have more than silkies. I am in southern UT. Willing to pay shipping. Text only: 435-467-7032

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Apr 02, 2018
silkies NEW
by: Michelle

There is a lady in Greenwood, MO that breeds silkies for unusual colors. You could probably buy her hatching eggs. She takes very good care of her birds. She is raising turkeys, golden laced and jubilee orpingtons as well. Worth a shot. She is one craigslist. I have been to her place, it's very nice.

Here's her current ad:

Silkie chicks - $5
Baby silkies!! New hatch ready every two weeks :)
Can pick up between day 2-10 if chick is doing well. Designer colors

Straight run standard $5-10 depending on color

Silver partridge, porcelain and calico $20

"Miniature" (1-1.5lb max weight) $15

email or text is best: 913-four4nine-nine060
can deliver to KC area

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