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WI - Ayam cemani

by Native Colors Exotics
(Big Bend, WI, USA)

Pictured: Native Colors Skipper (a 2020 breeding flock rooster)

Pictured: Native Colors Skipper (a 2020 breeding flock rooster)

We searched high and low when obtaining the eggs that would become our breeding stock now that the birds are hatched and have grown into beautiful adult breeders, we are proud to be able to offer offspring that is a collective pairing of unrelated bloodlines from three different corners of the US.

In 2019, our ayam cemani did great at shows in the Midwest. We took home blue and red EVERY time with our AC stock.
All birds are imprinted and most are show quality or if young, very promising so far.

But we can’t keep them all! So currently, we are offering some of our extra stock for sale for a limited time. We choose not to ship the birds preferably pick up in southeast Wisconsin only for now!

Inquire for details on available birds to determine if we have your next cemani champion!

Text or call 262-888-0446

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