WI - Old English Game Bantams

by Mikki
(Redgranite, WI; USA)

Have many colors of OEGB'S for sale. Wheatens, Blue Wheatens, Spangles, BB Reds, Blue Tailed Buffs, Black Tailed Buffs, Buffs, and Blue Wheaten Sports. Too many to choose from. All Mereks vaccinated. Asking $10 a bird. Email: hakhillhaven@yahoo.com

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Dec 10, 2018
Blue Wheatons NEW
by: Josh Rawlinson

I'm looking for some Blue Wheatons for my daughter to show, at least a pair, preferrably a trio. We're located in Texas. Give me a call (832)403-1303.

P.S. The email address you have listed is no good.

Dec 06, 2018
Looking for Bantam OE Wheatens NEW
by: Camille

Hello, Looking for 2 Bantam OE Wheaten pullet for sons 4H Show & Showmanship. Please feel free to contact me at camillenate@gmail.com Thanks!

Dec 05, 2018
by: Pinto

I’m wondering if you have any females for sale? Please email me pintowhang@hotmail.com or text 608-213-4529.


Sep 13, 2018
bbr black breasted red old english bantam NEW
by: Anonymous

looking to buy 2 to 3 bbr black breasted red old english bantams females please let me know thank u contact me at this email jcwsave1@hotmail.com

Mar 27, 2018
Looking for a chick in Wisconsin NEW
by: Pam

I tried sending an email to the address listed, but it wouldn't send. So, I'll try this. I was wondering if you happened to have a male Old English Game Bantam chick (or young) in wheaten, available. I live about an hour away, so I would be able to come pick it up. Please let me know via email at shezmabeauty@new.rr.com Thank you for your time.


Mar 20, 2018
wheaten old english NEW
by: Joe

looking to buy some hens can you please call 516 924 5532 thank you

Dec 13, 2017
BBreds NEW
by: Amenggy

Do you have any Old English BBREDs, im interested in them and please email me at : amenggy123@gmail.com

Oct 03, 2017
ISO mottled old english bantams NEW
by: Josh Bennefield

I am looking for the black mottled old english bantams. Please let me know if you have any for sale.

Contact me via

Sep 21, 2017
Spangled old English Bantams NEW
by: Randy Lester

do you have any Spangled Old English Bantams you wouold sell me let me know or send me your number an i will call you or call me 606-835-4711

Aug 12, 2017
Old English Game Batams NEW
by: Josée

Bonsoir! Je suis du Québec au Canada. J'aimerais beaucoup importer la Old English Game Batams chez moi.
Je suis prête à payer tout les frais d'importation.

Pouvez-vous m'aider, je vous écris en français car mon anglais n'est pas très bon "sorry"
Josée Charette

Jul 24, 2017
Oegb NEW
by: Anonymous

Do u have any hens pls email back at 3hillbulliez@gmail.com

Jul 10, 2017
ISO OEGB roosters NEW
by: James

Would you be willing to mail them? i would pay for shipping and handling plus the price of the chicken.
Contact me at 219-873-4128

Jun 05, 2017
Old English Spangled NEW
by: Hootsha

Do you know where I can find any Old English Spangled Bantam Hens or a Trio for Sale?

Feb 27, 2017
Inquiry NEW
by: Michael

I am starting a home flock this spring with several pullets (15-16 weeks). I would like to start an OEGB with them of about the same age. Would you have any available? Why type? Cost?

Jan 31, 2017
Wheaton Old English cockeral NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was wondering if you would have any extra Wheaton old English cockerel, hope to hear from you. Dale Wheeler Elmwood Wisconsin. 715-308-3474

Jan 31, 2017
Wheaton Old English cockeral NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was wondering if you would have any extra Wheaton old English cockerel, hope to hear from you. Dale Wheeler Elmwood Wisconsin. 715-308-3474

Jan 15, 2017
Blue Wheaten NEW
by: Josh

I'm interested in a few blue wheaten hens for my daughter's 4h project. Please email me.

Sep 22, 2016
Wheaton Old English Game Bantams NEW
by: Shirleythemom

I would love to but both a Cock and one Hen Wheaton Old English Game Bantam, or buy some eggs to hatch on my own. Please send me an email to shirleythemom@live.com

Thank you!

Aug 10, 2016
Hi I'm interested in some oeg!! NEW
by: Meng

Im really interested in some oeg bantam, please give me message at menggy123@hotmail.com

Aug 10, 2016
Hi I'm interested in some oeg!! NEW
by: Meng

Can you give me a call or have an phone that I can contact you about your oeg?

Jul 31, 2016
looking for silver fawns NEW
by: s. massey

for granddaughter for 4-H. Weraised them when her mother was young. a silver duckwing hen and a sport would be great. email me @ shelly.massey@earthlink.net

May 19, 2016
Eggs? NEW
by: Melissa

My daughter is 10 and wants to hatch out her own chicks to raise and show. We have a beautiful blue wheaten roo, but the original owners cut his comb, so he can't be shown. Do you ship eggs? We are in MS. Thank you!


Apr 23, 2016
Need 4H Showmanship Bird NEW
by: Hannah

Hi there. I am Hannah and I am 12 years old. I am looking for a 4H bird to replace my current old english bantam. She is now too old to use for showmanship. Do you have any available?

Thank you. My mom can be reached at (707)272-3253 or email at flamingoqueen1@gmail.com

Apr 16, 2016
Eggs... NEW
by: Matthew.

Would anyone be willing to send O.E.G eggs to England?
Our English type O.E.G bantams are very different and I much prefer the American type.
If anyone can help, my email address is matthewstevens321@googlemail.com

Mar 14, 2016
Blue Wheatens NEW
by: John

I am looking for some blue Wheatens for my daughter to show. If anyone can help please email me @ ffjohn1030@yahoo.com Thanks John

Oct 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

Can I get your phone and text me the photos of the bbreds since I'm interested in them??

Aug 24, 2015
Email change
by: Mikki

sorry my email wasn't entered correctly, hawkhillhaven@yahoo.com

Aug 24, 2015
Your email isn't working
by: Anonymous

Want to buy a few pairs lmk asap can pick up.

Aug 15, 2015

Do you have a trio gold pumkin?

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