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WI/MN - Purebred Black Ameraucana

by Amy
(Hudson, WI)

We have available a purebred Black Ameraucana cockerel from a line known for their award winning genetics and show quality stock.

We have named him Chopper due to his beard and glorious mutton chops. He has a fun personality and likes people. He loves getting treats and looks you right in the eye when you talk to him. Currently kept with another rooster hatch mate and they hang out amicably with no signs of aggression. We’re a small hobby farm and do not have a need for two roosters so we hope to find him a good home with some hens to love. Preferably with room to roam although he did seem to tolerate confinement well before we got him out in the pasture. He is 15 weeks old and his handsome metallic green color is coming in nicely on his body and tail. He has been kept separate from our flock for 30 days and appears to be in excellent health.

Asking $20 with local pickup or $30 delivered within a reasonable distance. Located in Western WI near the Twin Cities of MN.

Please email with any questions. Further pictures available upon request. Thanks for looking!

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