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PSC Insiders Newsletter, June Issue #34
June 06, 2015

Hello, PSC Insiders! The avian influenza cancellations and restrictions continue to pile up and we're doing our best to keep all our visitors up-to-date on the latest changes. At this point, I'm counting everything on the website as "subject to change" because we hear of more changes almost daily! I do hope that the summer will bring a slow-down or even hiatus on the spread of disease so that many of the fall shows can proceed as planned.

Also, I am still seeking out official State and Region "date liaisons" who would be willing to partner with me to keep on top of the latest and most accurate dates for your area. I am only one person (with the support of my family) and don't have enough hours in the day to be on top of every area of the country. Together we'll be able to keep Poultry Show Central the most up-to-date and accurate source out there. Please seriously consider joining me. Please contact me if you're well-connected in your area and can help me out with the dates. Both swaps and shows need continual research and updating so multiple liaisons for each area are certainly helpful. Thanks in advance!

Cancellations, Changes and Corrections (since last update):

**The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship announced an order to cancel all live bird exhibitions at county fairs, the Iowa State Fair, and other gatherings of birds due to avian influenza. The Department’s order begins immediately, is effective through the end of 2015, and also prohibits live birds from being sold at livestock auction markets, swap meets and exotic sales.

**Live poultry exhibitions, sales and swap meets have been banned in West Virginia.

**To protect Indiana’s poultry from potential exposure to H5 avian influenza virus, the members of the Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) have ceased all bird movements to events in the state that allow commingling of birds from different locations. This includes shows, exhibitions and public sales (such as flea markets, swap meets, sale barns). This prohibition will stand until further notice, likely through the end of 2015.

**In Ohio, the Agriculture Department is strongly recommending that all fairs, including the 95 county and independent fairs in the state, prohibit poultry entries from H5 avian flu states.

**The Michigan Association for Fairs and Exhibitions (MAFE), Michigan 4-H leadership and the Michigan Allied Poultry Industry, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development’s State Veterinarian Dr. James Averill made the difficult decision to cancel all 2015 poultry and waterfowl exhibitions in Michigan to prevent the comingling of birds from different locations. This includes, but is not limited to shows, exhibitions, swap meets, petting zoos at fairs, game bird and waterfowl fair displays, and Miracle of Life exhibits.

**Out-of-state birds will not be allowed to compete in Illinois exhibitions until further notice.  This restriction includes county fairs, FFA and 4-H fairs, Illinois State Fair, and the DuQuoin State Fair.

**Poultry from Chippewa, Jefferson, Barron, and Juneau Counties in Wisconsin will not be permitted entry to poultry swaps due to the avian flu outbreak within those counties. There may be restrictions in other parts other parts of the country as well where AI has been reported so please check with the organizers before you attend if you are in the affected areas.

**Wisconsin Department of Agriculture has released the quarantine of bird movement to shows, exhibitions and swap meets in Chippewa, Barron, Juneau and Jefferson, as of May 31, 2015 since there have been no new detections of avian flu in the area.

**CORRECTION: Texas State Fair - Dallas, TX - Date changed from October 10-11 to October 17-18, 2015

Summary of Statewide Cancellations and Restrictions due to Avian Flu as of 6/6/15:

**All Shows Cancelled and no live birds allowed at swaps/auctions in Ohio, Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota

**All Fair Poultry Shows Cancelled in Pennsylvania and New York.

We look forward to hearing from you regarding any 2015 dates not yet updated on the website or for any new restrictions that are put in place due to the avian flu.

Your fellow fanciers,

Kevin, Valerie and Kara Miller Email Us!

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