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Poultry Show & Swap Updates, March Issue #8
February 28, 2013

I doubt we're the only ones with spring fever around here. Next time I send out our monthly update, it will be spring! I know there have been some great shows in the past month and lots of anticipation of all the upcoming spring shows and swaps.

Now that our spring show dates have been finalized, we're going to focus in on getting a more complete listing of swaps. Please, let us know if you are aware of quality swaps we don't have listed. We are getting amazing traffic for the swaps we do have listed so are working hard to make sure you have options when looking for places to share your birds.

By now, you probably have noticed the hotel links to the local hotels on the show pages. We hope these will be a convenient service to you while also offering an easy way to help us keep our website going. Keeping the website accurate and up-to-date is a massive job and we deeply appreciate any support you can offer. Another easy way to support us without spending any extra money is to use the links on our Recommended Products page to make any Amazon purchases you need to make. They don't need to be purchases of the products on the page, any purchase will help, so thanks! You could even bookmark the link for easy access!

We still have a few I Love Chickens Bumper Stickers available for just $5 on the website. We are redesigning it and will have another version available as a "removable bumper sticker" in the coming months. You can preview what we have available now on our Homepage or on our Recommended Products page.

There are 20 new Avian Bowl Questions have been posted for our Juniors (and for any of you wanting to test your knowledge).

New Shows & Events and dates added to the website:

- Windsor Spring Fowl Fest Show & Windsor Buy-Sell-Trade Day - May 4, 2013

- Walworth County Fur and Feather Swap - April 13, 2013

-Addison County Fair and Field Days Poultry Show - August 6, 2013

- Gilmanor Swap & Sale - May 4, 2013

-Conyers Backyard Poultry Swap - March 23, 2013

-Many new NH & VT Swaps

Changes in show dates, either changed by show or correcting the website:

-Boston Poultry Expo - June Show has been cancelled this year.

-Central Maine Bird Fanciers Show - October 6, 2013 NOT October 13

-New England Bantam Club - Sunday, May 5th not Saturday, May 4th.

We love hearing from you. Any comments, new information and especially any corrections are welcome!

Your fellow fanciers,

Kevin, Valerie and Kara Miller

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