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Black, Black Breasted Red, Blue, Blue Quail, Buff, Buff Columbian, Columbian, Cuckoo, Mille Fleur, Mottled, Porcelain, Quail, Self Blue, Splash, & White

Photo Courtesy of Raven Myers

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Wanted: D'Anver eggs 
Do any of you sell D'Anver eggs? This is what I want to buy. Email

MI- 2 Quail Belgian Bearded d'Anver Cockerels for sale 
I have no females to breed with these beautiful cockerels so I have to sell them. Both are 3 months old. Available for pick-up …

MD- Bearded Belgain d' Anver's Quail  
I have been breeding and raising quail d anver's for over 15 years these birds have been shown at some of the top shows in the US and done very well. I …

SC- Belgian Bearded D'Anvers (Quail) 
Young's Southern Cross Farms We are currently working exclusively with Quail D'Anvers. We breed and select rigorously to the APA and ABA standard. We …

TX - Quail Belgian D'Anvers 
I have been breeding Belgians for over 50 years. Making this one of if not the oldest lines in the nation. My birds have won many Show Champions & Reserve …

TN - Belgian Bearded d'Anvers - Black, Blue, Quail and Blue Quail 
I raise Black, Blue, Quail and Blue Quail Belgian Bearded d'Anvers. My birds have done well at shows and exhibit type that fanciers worldwide can agree …

OH -Belgian Bearded D'Anvers for sale 
We have black, blue, self blue and splash D'Anvers for sale through out the year. Email to see what we have available and which shows we will be at. Contact …

NJ - Quail Belgian d'Anvers 
I have raised Quail Belgians for many years. I have done well in shows. Generally have a limited amount of birds in the fall to sell. These birds …

IN - Belgian Bearded d'Anvers-Quail 
I generally have something available. Email me at Have won many BB, BV. Have also been awarded Reserve RCCL and Reserve Bantam …

SC - Belgium Quail D'Anvers 
Belgium Quail D'Anvers for sale. I have young birds to breeders for sale.My birds have done very well in the shows. Most recently was Jefferson GA 2012. …

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Wanted: Porcelain d'anvers  
I am in East TN. You can email me at Thank you!

Wanted: Belgian Bearded d'Anver Hens 
Anyone coming to the show in Newnan or Calhoun GA with any d'Anver hens for sale? Or, anyone located near Watkinsville GA with any for sale? …

Wanted: Mille Fleur D'Uccle 
Looking for mille fleur d'uccle hen. Can be at Sussex County Fair any day! email

Wanted in VA: Young Bearded D'Anvers! 
I am interested in finding 2015 pairs/trios in BB Red, Buff Columbian, and Porcelain. Looking for QUALITY birds. Prefer finding within Virginia; will consider …

Wanted: Belgian Bearded D'Anver Hen(s) 
Looking for one or two hens to go with my roo. Looking in or around Athens/Watkinsville, Georgia. Email:,

Wanted: White Beard Belgian 
Looking for a pair of white beard Belgian D'anvers. Contact at or cell 864 201 6552.

Wanted: White belgian bearded d'Anver hen 
I am looking for a white belgian bearded d'anver hen. I am located in Big Piney, Wy and can be reached at or 3076370199 …

Wanted: Quail, Self Blue, and Cuckoo D'anvers 
I would like Quail, Self Blue, or Cuckoo D'anvers in Washington. It'd be nice to find a good breeder next spring. Email me if you can help me out: …

GA - D'Anvers, Splash, Columbian, Lavender, or Self Blue  
I am looking to buy Belgian D'Anvers in Splash, Columbian, Lavender, or Self Blue.If anyone knows of anyone with any of these colors for sale please let …

Belgian Bearded D'Anvers  
I would like to find Collumbian, and Splash. The best way to reach me, is my cell phone 770-403-6996. You can also reach me by email …

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