Finally a place to showcase those beautiful birds!  We all love our birds whether they are chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, pigeons or guineas!  (And we have more photos of our birds than we'd like to admit!)   So take a gander down this virtual aisle of a poultry show and enjoy checking out some beautiful poultry.  

Partridge Wyandotte-Susan Lazarchick
Blue Wyandotte-Susan Lazarchick
Black Wyandotte-Susan Lazarchick
Partridge Wyandotte-Susan Lazarchick
Black Copper Marans-Linda Green
Cream Legbar-Linda Green
Spangled OEGB hen
Buff Orpington Chicks-Skip Pesata
Blue Wyandotte-Susan Lazarchick
Chocolate Wyandotte-Susan Lazarchick
Partridge Wyandotte-Susan Lazarchick
Black Copper Marans Chick-Linda Green
Silver Duckwing Phoenix-Tiffany Northedge
Silver Duckwing Phoenix-Tiffany Northedge
Svarthona cockerel
Silver Duckwing Phoenix-Tiffany Northedge
Sultan hen
Blue Australorp Rooster-Sheila & Bob Kulbeth
Buff Brahma hen- Sheila & Bob Kulbeth
Narraganset Turkey-Skip Pesata
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte Rooster-Sheila & Bob Kulbeth
Quail Belgian Bearded D’Anvers-Heather Stroup
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte hen-Sheila & Bob Kulbeth
Rhode Island Red Hen & chicks-Skip Pesata
Splash Australorp hen- Sheila & Bob Kulbeth
Belgian Bearded D’Anvers-Heather Stroup

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What's New Around Here?

  1. FL- Welsummers

    Hello, I have Welsummer chicks for sale. Please email me at if you are interested. I am located in central Florida.

  2. AL - Silkies located in in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains foothills and 5 minutes from Jacksonville state University located in Piedmont, AL. We sell bearded silkies. The varieties included are buff, blue, gray, partridge, black, white, paint, splash,

  3. FL - Bearded Silkies

    Fairchild Minifarm breed and sell all the standard recognized color varieties: blue, black, white and splash. We sell at our location in Spring Hill Florida

  4. Wanted: Super African Geese

    I would like to find a mated pair, super African geese. I am located in Orlando Florida my phone number is 407-802-7826. My name is Judy McConnell.

  5. Wanted: Silkies around 3 months old

    I'm looking for 2-3 silkies, preferably white or black around the age of 3 months. I can be reached at I can pick them up in southern

  6. Wanted: Light Or Buff Brahma Rooster

    I need a young brahma rooster buff or light will be fine. He would have to be shipped. Call or text 936-229-6130 email