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NC - Black, Blue and Light Brahmas 
We have black, blue and light brahma chickens for sale. Some are coop ready and others are a few days old. We are hoping to start on some lavender soon …

PA - Show Brahma Light and Dark - Adults, Chick, Hatching eggs 
I breed Light and Dark Brahma. I have Dark mixes, and I have pure Lights. My birds are docile and friendly. Average sized birds for their breed. I've …

FL- Blue-Black-Splash Brahma Chicks 
BlueNuggetFarm we are a small urban farm focusing on blue-black-splash brahma chicks. We also sell Hatching eggs. You can contact us through our website …

FL - Brahma chickens large fowl/rare colors 
We are a small farm in sunny FL raising rare color, quality large fowl Brahma. We have been raising poultry for 40 years & Brahmas for 15+. This year (2022) …

KY - Brahmas 
We sell hatching eggs for the following color varieties of Brahmas: Light, Buff/blue buff, blue/black/splash, black, blue and gold partridge, Columbian …

MO - Giant Brahma Chicks 5 colors 
Accepting preorders for Giant Brahma chicks. Colors available: Blue Buff, Splash, Lemon Pyle, BOS, Blue Partridge. PU only, no shipping. Clinton Mo. Text: …

PA - Light & Dark Brahmas - cockerels & pullets 
Show and breeder quality. LF Light & Dark Brahmas available for sale. Contact me for availability since I don't always have birds to sell. For sale …

IL - Light, Dark, & Partridge Brahmas 
I have good show quality Light,Dark & Partridge Brahmas that I will sell hatching eggs from in the spring. I can be reached by e-mail at bjbradyr@gmail.com …

KY - Brahma Black Large Fowl, bantams in Black and Buff 
Hens' Haven Black and Buff Brahma bantams and Black Large Fowl Brahmas Hatching eggs shipped, but no birds. Adults may be delivered to shows I attend, …

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What's New Around Here?

  1. IN - Gray Toulouse Ganders

    I'm selling 2 Gray Toulouse Ganders. They are both a year old as of April 1, 2024. They come from Jean Doerflein's line of Toulouse and are great show
  2. OR - Snowy & Dusky Runners

    My beautiful dusky male and snowy females
    I have a very limited number of hatching eggs and a current hatch in the incubator of snowy (white base, black ticking along back, blue/purple iridescent
  3. Wanted: American game bantam pairs or trios

    Looking for American game bantam in pairs or trios. Really looking for red Pyle's, bb reds, or silver duck wings. I prefer show quality. Please email me

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Wanted: Buff Brahma to show 
I'm looking for a pair or trio of Buff Brahmas for my daughter to show locally and maybe venture to a larger show or two this year. dtenness@msn.com …

Wanted: SOP light Brahmas  
Looking for SHOW QUALITY Brahmas text me at 512-676-7934 or 512-947-3978 if you have any available

Wanted: Buff Laced Brahmas 
Buff laced Brahma chicks or eggs wanted. tbyersdorf@yahoo.com. S. Missouri.

Wanted: ( Large Fowl ) Black Lavender or Blue Brahma Hatching eggs 
I'm in New Hampshire. Looking for Hatching eggs or chicks (if in New England Area). Lavender, Black or Blue, Large Brahmas. Thank You Peter Curro Text …

Wanted: ( Large ) Light Brahma  
ISO of Quality bloodlines for LARGE light Brahmas. Email Peter: etnatank@gmail.com

Wanted: Light Brahma hens 
I’m looking for light Brahma hens, located in Brighton Ontario? Cochranejosh@hotmail.com

Wanted: Black Brahma eggs or chicks 
Looking for Black Brahma eggs or chicks!!! rronnied@aol.com. I will be at the Something to Crow About in May.

Wanted: Light Or Buff Brahma Rooster 
I need a young brahma rooster buff or light will be fine. He would have to be shipped. Call or text 936-229-6130 email honeydoo1982@gmail.com

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