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Junior Only Florida Serama Show

Turner Agri-Civic Center

2250 NE Roan St.

Arcadia, FL

Held separately yet concurrently with the AgFest Junior Poultry Show

Show date:  Saturday, November 19, 2022

Doors open at 6am

Show begins at 9am

Presiding TT/Showmanship judge: Brett True

Cages provided. This show is not club officiated. It is open to all Juniors aged 0 to 18 who love Seramas and love to show their Seramas!

The entry fee is $3 per bird. All Seramas welcome: Malaysian, Ayam, Traditional, Frizzled and Silkied.

Entries open: November 1st - November 15th.

Any Seramas being shown in cage at the AgFest Show are also able to be shown for TT.

Serama Showmanship is included for all Junior table top exhibitors.

Any questions regarding the Table Top Show/Showmanship or to enter, contact Alisa Kamon, 407-369-3907 (text only, please)


or through the Facebook event page:

For current date and for other Florida shows,


Show Secretaries: Please send current catalog files to  so it can be added to this page.   PS Do not use this email to request a catalog.

Are you aware of any corrections to this information? Our goal is up-to-date & accurate and we rely on your help!  Please let us know!


You must be NPIP AND AI tested from your state to show birds in the state of Florida.  Then, you need to contact our state department to get the permit to bring the birds into Florida.  3 things.  It looks and sounds a lot more complicated than it is.

We recommend you call the Florida State Department of Agriculture, Jennifer Glover, by phone or email:  850-251-1226  or

She is in charge of all poultry entering the State of Florida. She knows about our show and that people may be calling or emailing her. :)

Here is the link where you can fill out for the permit.

(850) 410-0900, main # Florida State Veterinarian's Office

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