Michigan Swap Meets and Auctions

Date Swap Meet or Auction
April 30, 2022 MBGBA Sale - Imlay
July 30, 2022 MBGBA Sale - Clare
September 10, 2022 MBGBA Sale - Montrose
October 8, 2022 MBGBA Sale - Lowell
May 1, 2021 NPPRC Spring Swap - Stephenson
September 18, 2021 NPPRC Fall Swap - Stephenson
4th Saturdays, April-October Newaygo Bird & Animal Sell & Swap
Every Saturday Geyer Farm Service Auction
Every Saturday Historic Hillsdale Auction & Flea Market
3rd & 5th Saturday each month Dundee Auction Service & Sale Barn Inc.

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What's New Around Here?

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  2. IL - Cream legbar chicks and hatching eggs

    I am selling cream legbar chicks and cream legbar hatching eggs. Legbars lay a beautiful blue egg and are excellent foragers. These are purebred cream

  3. IA - Heritage Rhode Island Reds

    Show quality Rhode Island Reds- Large fowl only. Great dual purpose birds that come from the best show stock. Great birds for a hobbyist or backyard flock.

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