New England Bantam Club Swap Meet

July & August Swaps:

Brockton Fairgrounds

Forrest St.

Brockton, MA

March Swap:

4-H clubhouse

183 Thompson St, (Rt 105)

Middleboro, MA

Last day of Brockton Fair


Located in the red barn near the office

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July & August Swaps:

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What's New Around Here?

  1. Wanted: East Indie Ducks

    Hi I am looking for east indie ducks if you have any I could buy please contact me at

  2. GA - Giant white Silkie Roo

    I have a Giant Silkie Roo that needs to be rehomed. He's white, hand raised, very spoiled.

  3. AR - Ayam Cemani Breeding Pairs, Pullets, Cockerels and Chicks

    Ayam Cemani Breeding Pairs, pullets, Cockerels and chicks for sale in Ozark Arkansas. Text me for more information. Jan 847.774.5575

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