Ocean County 4-H
Poultry Show

Laurita Equestrian Center

31 Archertown Rd

New Egypt, NJ 08533

*New Location*

Hosted by the Fine Feathered Friends 4-H Club of Ocean County

All exhibitors must be a 4-H or 4-H Cloverbud member

For more information, contact:
Teresa McGayhey
732-929-4924 teresamcgayhey@yahoo.com

For current date and for other NJ poultry shows,


Please send current catalog files to  poultryshowcentral@gmail.com  so it can be added to this page.   PS Do not use this email to request a catalog.

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What's New Around Here?

  1. NJ - Wyandotte Bantams - chocolate

    Our chocolate wyandotte bantams originally came from Jerry Foley in 2014. They originally were a project that Jerry developed from Chocolate Orpingtons

  2. Wanted: Salmon Faverolles

    Wanted: Two Salmon Faverolles pullets; 4-12 weeks; must be vaccinated against Marek's; can pick up in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, or northeast

  3. NJ - Rollers Pigeons

    I am getting out of hobby. I have rollers pigeons, kit box, loft and feed for sale. Email siddiqir@yahoo.com.

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