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Barred, Birchen, Black, Black Breasted Red, Black Tailed Buff, Black Tailed Red, Black Tailed White, Blue, Blue Brassy Back, Blue Breasted Red, Blue Golden Duckwing, Blue Silver Duckwing, Blue Red, Blue Wheaten, Brassy Back, Brown Red, Buff, Columbian, Crele, Cuckoo, Fawn Red, Fawn Silver Duckwing, Ginger Red, Golden Duckwing, Lemon Blue, Mille Fleur, Mottled, Opal, Quail, Red Pyle, Self Blue, Silver Blue, Silver Duckwing, Silver Ginger, Spangled, Splash, Wheaten, & White

Photo Courtesy of Walter Moran

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VA - Black Old English Game Bantams 
I have Black Old English Game Bantams for sale. Please contact me at or 540-942-7171. Shipping is available.

NY - Old Eng. Game Bantams 
Raise and sell Old Eng. Game Bantams--in White, Black, Wheaten, and Blue Wheaten---will have some nice show birds for sale in fall contact me at 1-315-322-8993 …

TX - B.B.Red, Black, & White O.E.Bantams 
I am a Licensed Poultry Judge With Both The American Bantam Association & The American Poultry Association.I am A master breeder of both B.B.Reds & Black …

NY - Old. Eng. Game Bantams 
I raise White, Blue Wheaten, Black, Wheaten, and Splash Old English. --Top Bloodlines-- Will show at Bath ,N.Y., Waddington,N.Y. Cobbleshill, N.Y. and …

NY - Old English Game 
I currently have Black Breasted Red and Silver Duckwing OEGB. For more information, contact

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Wanted: Crele OEGB 
LF Crele old english game bantams, chicks or eggs, located in north texas, Ector. email me at thanks

Wanted: Black Breasted Reds Bantams 
Looking for show quality black breasted red in midwest. I live in Kansas city area but willing to travel to missouri, Oklahoma, arkansas nebraska. Willing …

Wanted: Ginger Red OE Bantams and Crele OE Bantams and Silver Duckwing OE Bantams and Golden and Silver Sebrights 
I am loooking for the following Old English Bantams: Ginger Reds, Creles and Silver Duckwings and also Golden and Silver Sebrights! Interested in pairs …

Wanted: Old English Game Bantam - chicks or hatching eggs 
Hi! I am in South Central Michigan (Grass Lake) and looking for Old English Game Bantams. Open to most color varieties, and chicks or possibly hatching …

Wanted: Old English Game Bantams  
Looking for more Old English bantams our breeder went out of business and we need more birds for 4-H kids blacks preferred located in Southwest Michigan …

Wanted: Old English Red Pyle 
I am looking for Old English Red Pyle Bantams. I am located in northeast Texas. Have been to the swap meet in Gilmer, Texas but no Red Pyle. You can email …

Wanted: Old English Game Lemon Blue 
I am looking for a pair or trio of Lemon Blue Old English Game Bantams. I live in Northeast Alabama. I will travel within a reasonable distance. Please …

Wanted: Show Quality Blue Wheaton OEGB 
In search of show quality old English game bantams. We’re located in TX and willing to travel to pick up. (832)403-1303 - Josh

Wanted: Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam Pullets or Hens 
ISO Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam pullets or hens for my lonely 8 month old roo. I will also consider pullets or hens comparable in size. I …

Wanted: Lemon Blue Old English 
I’m looking for Lemon Blue Old English, pair, or chicks, or hatching eggs. My email is

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