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Black, Buff, Blue, White, Chocolate, Lavender, Splash, Red, Cuckoo, & Golden Laced

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NY - English Orpingtons 
We breed Laced varieties of English Orpingtons, near Ithaca NY & Binghamton NY. We ship eggs. We sell eggs & grown Roosters locally. Silver Laced- Roos …

LA - English Black Silver Laced Orpingtons 
Large fowl, heavyset striking docile birds Email me at I only ship eggs; I do not ship chicks

NC - Jubilee Orpingtons 
Jubilee Orpington chicks available in February 2021 Tarboro, NC Text (252) 373-8285

FL - English Orpingtons, D’uccles, American Seramas, Ameraucanas & More  
Located In Spring Hill Fl. Local Pick-Up Only. Breeds Orpingtons:Frizzle & Standard English Black Mottled , English Chocolate Orpington, English Chocolate …

IL - Show Quality Orpingtons 
Show quality black and blue Orpington’s for sale from NPIP flock. Winnings include Champion English classes and Super Grand Champion. These birds have …

WI - Lavender Orpington 
Lavender Orpington hatching eggs and chicks. We raise a small number of family friendly chicken breeds. Our birds are allowed to free range daily. They …

FL - Black, Lavender, Molten, Silver Lace and Jubilee Orpingtons 
Fairchild Minifarm have Black, Lavender, Molten, Silver Lace and Jubilee Orpingtons. All our poultry are NPIP certified.We will be shipping orders this …

CA - Silver Laced English Orpington - Feather Lover Farms ***Hatching & Shipping Chicks Weekly*** ORDER NOW! Feather Lover Farms is one of the very few farms that are able to hatch & ship the rarest & highest quality chicken …

TX - Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons 
Gorgeous and friendly "Blondes" our Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons are laying well and we have chicks available. Email us at or call 254-715-6815. …

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    Show quality Bantam blue wyandotte rooster. We're in - Berkshires MA Emai:
  2. Wanted: show quality bantam blue wyandotte rooster

    We are looking for a bantam blue Wyandotte rooster. We're in the Berkshires MA. Email:
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Wanted: Buff orpington  
We are looking for a show quality orpington hen. Hoping for buff but any would be wonderful! My daughters favorite fair chicken died last week :( Our …

Wanted: Black Orpingtons to purchase 
Starting a new flock of black orpingtons, would be interested in purchasing pullets, hens, cockerels or roosters. Please message me if any are available, …

Wanted: Chocolate Orpington, lavender Orpington and partridge Cochin chicks.  
We are looking for lavender Orpington, chocolate Orpington, and partridge Cochin chicks. At least 6-8 of each. 606-541-3841

Wanted: Any Orpington hens - 6 months old 
We are looking for any color orpingtons to join our 4 & 6 month old buff orpington hens. We are in the Raleigh, NC area and can pick them up. Would like …

Wanted: Looking for variety colors English Orpingtons 
I have lavender, buff, blue, black, and splash. I am looking to add 5 or less of another color or variety of colors. Can only have pullets at the moment. …

Wanted: Blue, Black and Chocolate Orpington hens or chicks and a rooster of each color 
I live in the Pacific NW north of Everett. I am looking for most everything Orpington. I want pullets or young hens in black, blue and chocolate. I …

Wanted: A young Jubilee Orpington rooster in Virginia 
Looking for young jubilee Orpington rooster in Virginia. Email (Please put "rooster" in the subject line)

Wanted: Giant English Buff Orpingtons 
I'm looking for Giant English Buff Orpingtons for my back yard. Email:

Wanted: Black show Orpington Rooster 
My rooster got stuck out of the coop and died. I need a replacement ASAP He was a juvenile. Call me 303 449 4562

Wanted: Jubilee Orpington rooster 
We are in search of a jubilee orpington rooster for our 4 ladies. Looking for one that is about 6 months old. We are located in central Virginia. We …

Wanted: Blue Orpingtons 
I am looking for some blue and lavender Orpingtons. I am located in central Minnesota. Contact

Wanted: Show Ready Orpington Hen  
Looking for show ready Orpington hen, willing to pay for a beauty. We are in central FL. Contact or call 863-838-4498

Wanted: English Chocolate, Jubilee or Partridge Orpington 
I am looking for an English Orpington Pullet - can be chocolate, jubilee or partridge. I am in Houston, TX - willing to travel or pay for shipping …

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