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Black, Buff, Blue, White, Chocolate, Lavender, Splash, Red, Cuckoo, & Golden Laced

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My name is Linda. We have a small farm in Spokane, WA. I have the amazing Large Fowl, Chocolate English Orpington. This color of Orpington can compete …

My name is Linda. We have a small farm in Spokane, WA. I have the amazing Large Fowl, Silver Laced English Orpington. Although not currently accepted …

My name is Linda. We have a small farm in Spokane, WA. I have the amazing rare Large Fowl, Isabel Cuckoo Orpington. Although not currently accepted colors …

FL - Black, Lavender, Molten, Silver Lace and Jubilee Orpingtons 
Fairchild Minifarm have Black, Lavender, Molten, Silver Lace and Jubilee Orpingtons. All our poultry are NPIP certified.We will be shipping orders this …

Gorgeous Isabel Orpington unsexed babies, only as far away as your local post office. Our price is $50 each + $50 to ship. Free shipping over $200. …

VA - Silver Laced, Gold Laced Orpingtons 
Hatching both Silver and Gold Laced Orpingtons. Shipping chicks weekly to all states. See our website for more information and pictures of our parent …

Gorgeous Lavender Orpington unsexed babies, only as far away as your local post office. Our price is $20 each + $50 to ship. Free shipping over $200. …

CA - Silver Laced English Orpington - Feather Lover Farms ***Hatching & Shipping Chicks Weekly*** ORDER NOW! 
https://featherloverfarms.com/ Feather Lover Farms is one of the very few farms that are able to hatch & ship the rarest & highest quality chicken …

MO - English Orpingtons Chicks 
At this time we are offering for sale some of our English Mottled, Golden laced, and Jubilee Orpingtons as well as some American Black and Lavender Orpingtons. …

NE - Blue Orpington Chickens 
Silver Sisters Homestead has been breeding show quality Blue Orpingtons for over 5 years. Our flocks are free ranging, high quality dual purpose birds, …

TX - Silver Laced Orpington's 
Our 100% pure Silver Laced Orpington's¬†are one of the rarest orpingtons on the market today! Due to it's very beautiful and rare plumage has made this …

Breeding towards the American standard, Large Tall leggy birds with long backs and lots of fluff.Do not email, Phone 205_910_1111.

OK - Mottled Orpington Chicks $18 
Mottled orpington day old chicks $18each, or 10 mottled and/or Jubilee Orpingtons for $145. We are located in Coweta, OK (Near Tulsa). Chicks available …

MS - English Orpingtons, Plymouth Barred Rocks, Heritage Delaware 
English Orpingtons in Buff, White, Black, Lavender/Lavender Cuckoo, Columbian, White Delaware, as well as Plymouth Barred Rocks, and Heritage Delaware. …

FL - English Orpington Chicks 
Black Mottled Spangled Partridge Golden Laced Chicks are 2 days to 3 weeks of age. $15 for one chick $25 for two chicks $30 For three chicks. …

KY - English Lavender Orpingtons 
English Lavender Orpingtons. Chicks and eggs. www.TheWeddleFarm.com Email at: theweddlefarm@gmail.com

OH - Blue and Black English Orpingtons 
High quality English Orpingtons. Contact us anytime for questions! Call (330)242-2622 or email risenshinehatchery@yahoo.com or mary.vegel@yahoo.com. …

OK - Black and Blue Orpington 
I have available 2 week old Black Orpingtons. Show quality parents. Feel free to contact me via text or call at (918)-630-0912 or Email lezastemple@live.com …

AZ - Orpingtons - LAVENDER 
Sweet Pea Farm currently offers show quality - LAVENDER ORPINGTONS - Hink JC Line and our own Sweet Pea Farm line. We also offer hatching eggs. We have …

TX - Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons 
Gorgeous and friendly "Blondes" our Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons are laying well and we have chicks available. Email us at texastunis@yahoo.com or call 254-715-6815. …

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Wanted: Show Ready Orpington Hen  
Looking for show ready Orpington hen, willing to pay for a beauty. We are in central FL. Contact missyhazsoy@yahoo.com or call 863-838-4498

Wanted: English Chocolate, Jubilee or Partridge Orpington 
I am looking for an English Orpington Pullet - can be chocolate, jubilee or partridge. I am in Houston, TX - willing to travel or pay for shipping kculbert@aol.com …

Wanted: English Silver Laced Orpington Rooster 
Would like to find a young English Silver Laced Orpington Rooster. We are located in Western Iowa in the Council Bluffs Ia/Omaha Ne area. Please respond …

Wanted: Black Orpington Rooster 
Hi, I am looking for a black orpington rooster at least a year old. I live in central Indiana. Feel free to call or email me if you have one available …

Wanted: White Orpington Rooster 
I am in California, I would like a mature White Orpington Rooster for my hobby Hen farm. email cjraentry@aol.com

Wanted: Lemon Cuckoo Orpington  
Washington state msgmcdermott@live.com

Wanted: Orpingtons 
I would like to find some White Blues Black and Chocolate Orpington Chicks or young Birds as pairs or trios. I am in South Carolina. If you're within …

Wanted: Lavender Orpington Cockerel 
Zipcode is 70427, please reach me at 985-516-0528

Wanted: Lavender orpington chicks 
I am looking for 2 or 3 lavender orpington pullets. I am located in Anderson, SC. Contact @ blummerdroppers@yahoo.com

Wanted: Lavendar Orpington Pullets  
Looking for 2-3 young hens - Lavendar Orpingtons. I am located in western VA. Email me at sbrabs@aol.com.

Wanted: Lavender Orpington pullets 
Looking for 2 lavender orpington pullets. Located in FL Panhandle - Milton. My email is pipermillie5510@ gmail.com

Wanted: Silver Laced, Isabel and Partridge Orps.  
I am looking for someone in the Pacific Northwest, especially Washington State, who is able to supply vet papers needed to bring them to Canada. Email …

Wanted: Lavender Orpinton hatching eggs 
Looking for Lavender Orpington hatching eggs for my broody Buff Orpington. I am in Vermont 802-875-5665 carolforanimals@ gmail.com

Blue orpington pullet 
Looking for a Blue Orpington pullet. I live in Puyallup, WA. Email sshalimar16@msn.com.

Wanted: Orpingtons 
Massachusetts Email at: JimPeterson1279@yahoo.com

Wanted: Pullets 
I am looking for 4-5 pullets for my kids to show at the Brown County Wisconsin fair August 17. I am not able to find any buff orpingtons, barred rocks …

Wanted: Black and splash English Orpington Roosters 
Hi I am looking for juvenile or breeding age splash English Orpingtons and Black English Orpington Roosters must be older Juveniles or breeding age . I …

Wanted: English Lavender Orpington 
Located in West Tennessee I am in search of some English Lavender Orpington's Chicks, Pullets or Hatching eggs. I can be reached at 901-616-8409. Thank …

Wanted: Buff Orpington  
I am looking for show quality English Buff Orpingtons. I am in NC. I will be traveling to Knoxville TN soon as well. Contact ashley.51370@gmail.com. …

Wanted: Buff Orpington Grown Hens 
text 9375453464, located in lima, ohio

Wanted: Lavender Orpington Chicks 
Looking for Lavender Orpingtons in Northern California. Email me please if you have any available, chicks or young birds. My name is Sue. dkaupie@msn.com …

Wanted: Blue Orpington hen 
Looking high and low for Blue Orpington hen (pullet). We are located in Puyallup, WA. I can be reached at 253-301-2205, email is sshalimar16@msn.com Thank …

Wanted: Standard Buff Brahma 
We are located in Puyallup, WA. I can be reached at 253-301-2205, email is sshalimar16@msn.com Thank you!

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    All of our chickens are out of Wade Burkhalter stock (used to be a chicken judge; won the national show once with another breed of chicken). Our Andalusians