Outagamie County 4H Animal Swap & FUn Show

Outagamie County Fairgrounds

Open Class Dairy Barn

637 N Main St

Seymour, WI


No sellers fees

All state requirements must be met to sell

$2 Admission,

Under age 7 free

Benefiting the Outagame County 4H Small Animal Project

Fun Show for Youth in Grades 3-13

For more information, contact:

Jeremy Trost



For current date and for other Wisconsin swaps,


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Please send current catalog files to  poultryshowcentral@gmail.com  so it can be added to this page.   PS Do not use this email to request a catalog.

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What's New Around Here?

  1. KS - non-bearded Buff silkie rooster

    I have a non-bearded buff silkie rooster of Breeder quality for sale.This rooster is NPIP clean, and Mareks vaccinated, friendly, and gentle to hens, hatched

  2. OR - Serama chickens - $40-$100

    Serama Chickens available year round. A variety of colors including black, buff, blue, white, and many in between. Shipping available nationwide. My name

  3. TN - Egyptian goslings

    Vent sexed pair of Egyptian goslings available. These are a rare bird and they are flighty. Please research this breed if you’re new to them. $200. Also

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