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This is your source for poultry that is available on a limited basis so get them while they are available!

If you have an extra cockerel or a few specific birds you want to sell, list it below! (Listings will automatically be deleted after 6 months or until you request it be removed)

Note:  If you have birds available to sell on a regular basis, please instead create a long-term listing in our Show-Quality Breeder Directory. 

What birds to you have available?

Here is your place to list limited quantities of poultry you have available to sell. Be sure to include your contact information or the listing will not be added. Ads will automatically be removed after 6 months, but PLEASE let me know if the ad is no longer needed before then so we can remove it and keep all the ads current and relevant.

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NC - Young 55 flower roo  
NPIP - Heart2Feathers is selling a young handsome 55 flower rooster the first from this bloodline 😉it’s the lighter one to the right not the black $20 …

OH - Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams (2020) 
I have extra barred rock bantam cockerels for sale. Healthy and very sweet. Will have trio available in mid Aug. Not SQ, however, they do have decent barring. …

LA - Four week old Jumbo Quails $4.00 
Jumbo Quails for sale, four weeks old about two hundred available in the Leesville area, and can be reached at 337-718-3786 for more info.

CA - Northern Ayem Cemani Rooster  
Very high quality Ayam Cemani rooster. Dark black waddle, comb. feet, etc. Beautiful green shean on very dark black feathers. Gets along with other breeds …

CA - Jumbo brown quail Southern California  
Coturnix quail chicks, hatched on 7-20-2020 email rvinroman@yahoo.com Have 25 available. The parents were sold to me as jumbo browns. Please email as …

MA - Ayam Cemani Chicks & White Crested Polish Bantams (Blue and White) 
Ayam Cemani Chicks. 1 week old. The Rarest chicken in the world! All black...inside and out. Black legs, bill, eyes, feathers, skin and even bones are …

MS - Millie Fleur Bantams 
Incubation Eggs, Fresh Hatched, Pullets, Cockerels, Laying Hens and Breeding Pairs. Email Possumhollowfarms@yahoo.com.

TX - Wyandotte and related species in stock with fertile eggs (roosters and hens) 
Silver laced Wyandotte Roosters and Hens, other rare species also available. Mixed and pure Dozens of blue (rare) and Silver laced fertile wyandotte …

VA - Standard Dark Brahma Cockerels 
We have 12 week old show quality standard dark Brahma cockerels, 3 in total. They have been handled since hatching and are very well mannered. They’ll …

GA - Columbian Wyandotte rooster 
Colombian Wyandotte rooster- 4 months old - free - contact me via email thom807@gmail.com or text 706-889-7901

OH - Coturnix Quail males 
I have 16 male coturnix quail, various colors, for sale. Hatched on June 7. $5 each. Discount if you buy 10 or more. Contact Stephanie at 740-973-2860. …

NC - North Carolina pair of young silkies 
If you’re near North Central North Carolina or southern central Virginia I have a single breeding pair of Silkies for sale. The rooster is brown and the …


VA - 13 week old roosters for sale $10/each 
We have three New Hampshire Red roosters, a Leghorn rooster and an all white with light brown dusting on the feathers rooster we aren't sure what breed …

FL - White OHIKI Roo Panama City Fl 
I have a beautiful white OHIKI rooster for sell he is ready for a wife. I am in Panama City Fl. Can reach me at 8505966024. Sweet bird just ready for his …

NM - Icelandic Roosters. Hatched this spring and already crowing, they need a flock of thier own. Many colors available all Icelandic traits. 
NM Icelandic Roosters. Hatched this spring and already crowing, they need a flock of thier own. Raised on organic grower. Many colors available all Icelandic …

NC - Rare "Laughing Chickens" aka Ayam Katawa and Sanjack Longcrowers 
I raise the rare Ayam Katawa and Sanjack Longcrowers. Hatching eggs and occasionally a rooster. Pure bloodlines. Email cspots@netzero.net.

TN - Golden Dutch bantam chicks 
I had a pair mate and have 3 chicks available- not sure exactly on sex. Text Heather @ (734)306-0624

PA - Leghorn Rooster, approximately 14 weeks old 
Raised from chick, great rooster, unfortunately, I ended up with 2. Leave a message at 570-470-2985 if you need a rooster for your flock.

DE - Silkie chicks 
Silkie chicks $10 each Located in Dagsboro, Delaware Show quality parents!! Will be available on June 30 - that’s when they are hatching Call or …

VA - Black Jersey Giant Chicks 
Black Jersey Giant Chicks Hatching Now! Several days old Ready to go Come select yours Bring your own container $9.00 each, firm, cash …

CA - Marans Pullets and Some SR BB&S and Lav June 2020 
We have a few dozen Marans not claimed for each remaining hatch for the season. 8 more hatches or so. We ONLY sell started chickens, do not ask for chicks. …

Poughkeepsie, NY - 4-H Bantam Salmon Faverolle 3 mo. Cockerels - good tempered 
I am a 4-H member selling 3 mo. old Bantam Salmon Faverolle Cockerels. They are very good natured, curious, and have never pecked me. Bantam Salmon Faverolles …

FL - Mayay stag 5 months old  
Pretty straight forward I’m selling a pure May lay stag if u want pics of the mother and father I can provide those you can contact me at 561-541-9772

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SC - Giant Runt Pigeons 
Beautiful American show Runts and utility runts, young and breeders $50 ea Ray Pickens SC 864 350 4947

NC - Muscovy Ducks 
NC Muscovy Ducks FOR SALE 10 week olds ($15 each) Raised by their natural parents. Excellent Foragers! Excellent Mothers! Great dual purpose breed …

Jubilee Orpington Rooster 3 month old 
3 month old tame..... Jubilee Orpingtons Chickens are a rare color pattern of everyone's favorite chickens, the sweet and personable, Orpingtons. The …

FL - Welsummer roosters 
We got 4 chicks in March, which were supposed to be hens. 3 are roosters. Beautiful coloring. Looking to rehome the roosters. Also, looking for more hens. …

MI - Serama Cockerel - $100.00 
Show quality Serama Cockerel for sale. Blue with dark muff. Tabletop purchase from Jerry’s farm in Louisiana. 8 months old. 616-893-8572 or karensjohnson22@yahoo.com …

MI - Trio of Salmon Favorelles - $100.00 
4 month old Salmon Favorelle trio. Show quality Cockerel grandson of Champion. Only sold as trio not separately. Located in Lowell Michigan. Very sweet. …

PA - Jersey Giant Black extra cockerel 
Black Jersey Giant cockerel almost 1 yr. Available until end of May. In SE PA. If you were at the Sussex, NJ show or the PA Farm Show in 2019 and asked …

SC - German Bielefelders  
German Bielefelders. I have a rooster and 6 hens, hatched 08/01/2019, hens are laying. $25 each. Minimum of 2 hens. Great starter flock. These are …

CA - Cornish Cross live meat birds available to purchase 
Live Cornish Cross meat birds, will be eight weeks May 26th. Looking to sell fifty, raised on our property in Vacaville , California email address …

NE - Silver Laced Wyandotte 
It a rooster and you can text me at 4028218186 He is a protective rooster to Henson And very beautiful in color.

2 Mallard Males in Ohio 
I have 2 fully grown Mallards and both are males. They need to go to a good home together. I received them when they were only 3 weeks old. They were going …

GA - Duck Hatching eggs. SQ. Silkie , Gray Runner, Saxony . Holderread line. 
4/1/20. Hatching eggs now available for Mini Silkie DUCKS in mallard color, Snowy,apricot/buff /blue and some whites. Also gray(Mallard colored) …

WI - Ayam cemani  
We searched high and low when obtaining the eggs that would become our breeding stock now that the birds are hatched and have grown into beautiful adult …

GA - 2019 Peacock and Peahens  
One male and 2 female India Blue with a % of Spaulding and Pied,had Black shouldered siblings. Grandfather wwas BS. 90$ each NW Ga. 7068571178 not raised …

Pea Fowl  
3 cocks, 2 Black Shoulder 1 India Blue $100 each $250 for all three Call Ellen 314-258-1203

NJ - 1 Silkie Roo and 2 Hens 
I have 3 beloved Silkie chickens I must rehome. If anyone is interested please email me at simone7165@gmail.com. Thank you.

Brahma Cockerels  
3x 9 month old brahma Cockerels for sale. All incubated and hand reared. Very majestic birds. Must go to good homes or home. Contact me on 07957732328. …

Fl 1 year old pure breed rooster bearded booted bantam d'uccle Millie fluer  
xcreaturexfeaturex@gmail.com his name is wolfman I raised him from an egg I hold him I sing to him and I love him dearly. I don't want to let him go but …

GA - SC Bantam Speckled Sussex Rooster 
1 young bantam speckled sussex rooster. He'll be 1 year old March 2020. $75.

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  3. NC - Young 55 flower roo

    NPIP - Heart2Feathers is selling a young handsome 55 flower rooster the first from this bloodline 😉it’s the lighter one to the right not the black $20

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