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VA - Ducks 
A Duck's Destiny is closing. We're selling all of our ducks. The following are for sale until gone: 5 Muscovy Drakes 2 Pekin Drakes 3 Rouen Drakes …

Young rooster for sale 
14 week old rooster for sale. Breed is Cinnamon Queen. Has been fed organically since hatching and parents are fed organically as well. Mostly white with …

Ligonier in western PA - dispersing flock of 8 Light Sussex large fowl. 
Hi, it's been 14 yrs. And now time to wrap it up in the poultry world. These are pure silver LS. Founded on English proven SQ strains. Age and workload …

Free call duck 
I have a pet call duck Female I think grey or brownish my health situation does not allow me to keep her she is just getting flight feathers you can text …

PA - Pilgrim Geese  
6 pilgrim geese available. 3 female and 3 male left. 2 females were born this year, 1 male was born last year and the others the year before that. Looking …

P Allen Smith Bantams and Waterfowl 
From Moss Mountain Farm in Roland, Arkansas, P Allen Smith has bantams and waterfowl ready for delivery to the Ohio National on Friday, November 8, 2019. …

S.C. - Silver Phoenix  
I have a beautiful breeding quad of silver Phoenix (long tail chickens) the rooster is 2 1/2 years old and hens are 1 1/2. The longest tail feather is …

GA - LF silver laced Cochin rooster!  
LF silver laced Cochin rooster 2 years old, I am no longer breeding this color located in Hartwell Ga pickup only. I also have 3 silver laced LF cockerels …

OH - Light Sussex  
I have a gorgeous Light Sussex rooster with a good temperament at 6-7mths old from Greenfire Farms lineage. I can’t keep roosters where I live, otherwise …

PA - 2 Mille Fleur D'uccle 
Roos, approx 3 mos old. Adams Co.

ME - 4 healthy good looking male guineas, Frankfort, Me. 413-253-1500 
For Adoption: 4 healthy good looking young male guineas, Frankfort, Me. Jo, 413-253-1500

Free 2 roosters beginning to fight need help asp 
Home hobbyists 2 beautiful roosters to re home asp plz call 1 815 718 0053 in Sterling Illinois

Ontario, Canada : black Orpington Rooster 
Very handsome, 6 month old pure bred black Orpington rooster. Friendly and looks after the hens well. Asking $25 Contact Jen :

Wainfleet, Ontario, Canada, Black Orpington Rooster 
6 month old pure bred black Orpington rooster. Very large, well mannered and looks after the hens well. Wonderful addition to a farm. Asking. $25 Contact …

WI - 2 roosters 4 months old free 
2 roosters for free come pick them up! Located in oostburg wi phone number is 9202075320. Not sure what kind they are, they are black and gray checkered …

IL - 2 -24 week hens free 
Healthy hens in South Elgin Il. One is black and white and the other is brown. They are ready to start laying eggs. My neighbor called the village on us …

Ameraucana Cockerels $20 
Purebred Ameraucana Cockerels 11 Weeks, 3 Black, 3 Blue Paul Smith Show Stock …

NJ - White female Bantam Silkies which were around 5 weeks old at the beginning of July. 
I purchased 6 white female Silkie chicks from My Backyard Chickens on June 4th, 2019. We are going to keep 2 of them and I would like to sell the other …

IN - Polish Crested chicks-free to good home 
I have 3 Polish Crested chicks to give to a good home. Fully feathered Pet homes only please. Nina Email Or text 317-506-3515

NJ - 2, month-old Tufted Roman goslings, and a gooose, a gander, and 5 newly hatched goslings. 
Two, month old rare Roman Tufted goslings, straight run, $25 each or 2/$45. Also, 2 yr old goose and gander partner with 5 just hatched goslings, …

MA - Modern game bantams 
I have around 15 beautiful friendly modern game bantams that need new homes. These are hand raised extremely friendly birds. Most are bb red but i have …

VA - BB Red Malay young roosters. Hatched April 1st 
These are pure Malay. Original stock from Arkansas. I am only selling roosters at this time and maybe a hen or 2. 100$ each. Thanks, Matt Nuckols …

CA - Coturnix Quail 
I have 4 male jumbo brown coturnix quail that need a new home. They are a little over 4 weeks old. Hollie 805-907-2149 . I am in the Fresno/Clovis area …

VA - Buff Orpington Bantams & Black Old English Game Bantams 
I have 2019 hatched Buff Orpington Bantams & Black Old English Game Bantams for sale. Please contact me at or 540-942-7171. Shipping …

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The Chick Whisperer has Assorted Hens and a few Roosters with several different Breedsavailable for sale in Tallahassee Florida  
Hello chicken lovers! I currently have for sale at a competitive rate, the following chickens: Golden Sex-links, Buck Eyes, Ameracaunas, Rhode Island …

PA - Lavender Ameraucana Rooster 
Looking for responsible chicken lover who will give this guy a nice home with his own flock to watch over. I have too many roosters, and this little boy …

Free Araucana White Rooster 1 year old 
I'm simply looking for a home for a 1 yr. old all white rooster. I realize he isn't a show bird, but just hoping someone can help me find him a good home. …

MO - Muscovy Ducklings  
Hello my name is Autumn. I live in Cleveland, MO which is a suburb of Kansas City. I have 16 muscovy ducklings for sale that are 4 days old and another …

FL - Chick Whisperer 2019 will be offering 2-3 month old started Pullets for sale in Tallahassee Fl. 32317 
My family calls me the Chick Whisperer Hahaha it seems lately chicks are my life. I will be selling 2-3 months old pullets starting in May. I will have …

Lovely Serama boy, 5-month old. Northern Illinois (Aurora) 
This lovely Serama cockerel was hatched in October so he's about 5 months old. He is very calm and docile and loves to be held. He's been hand-fed since …

NY - Modern Game Bantams 
Birchen, lemon blue, bb red, all show quality, most going back to Lee Bohall lines. Must sell wife has lung disease located southern tier of ny. ph#607 …

2018 India Blue hens and unsexed White at this time. Breeding in 2019: India Blue, India Blue Pied, India Blue Silver Pied, India Blue White-eye, and Opal. …

NJ - Pekin ducks 
2 male Pekin ducks almost 1 year old. Email Located Morris county nj

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  4. VA - Ducks

    A Duck's Destiny is closing. We're selling all of our ducks. The following are for sale until gone: 5 Muscovy Drakes 2 Pekin Drakes 3 Rouen Drakes 2

  5. VA - Indian Runner Ducks

    I am selling all of my Indian Runners 1 Duck and 2 Drakes Great foragers Sold together or separately. Troy Morgan 719-306-5248

  6. VA - Magpie Drake

    I have 1 Magpie Drake for sale. He was rescued with another Magpie and 5 Rouens. Willing to let him go individually or with the others he was rescued

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