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This is your source for poultry that is available on a limited basis so get them while they are available!

If you have an extra cockerel or a few specific birds you want to sell, list it below! (Listings will automatically be deleted after 6 months or until you request it be removed)

Note:  If you have birds available to sell on a regular basis, please instead create a long-term listing in our Show-Quality Breeder Directory. 

What birds to you have available?

Here is your place to list limited quantities of poultry you have available to sell. Be sure to include your contact information or the listing will not be added. Ads will automatically be removed after 6 months, but PLEASE let me know if the ad is no longer needed before then so we can remove it and keep all the ads current and relevant.

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Wanted: Less-productive or OLD Egg Layers 
46803 area code. 100 miles or less Wanted to buy old chicken/hen stock or declining egg producers. Please email with info: how many do you have and …

WV - Two Chinese Geese, age nine months - $30 per goose 
I am needing to downsize my hobby farm due to personal circumstances. I have two Chinese geese, George and Martha (age nine months); one of the geese is …

OH - Miniature Gamefowl 
I currently have several pair of blue/grey and a couple of Red pair of minis available. 1-740-352-3937

IA - Flock of Dominique Chickens - $140 
I have a flock of 7 Dominiques hatched in late February 2022 for sale. 1 Cockerel, 6 Pullets Very active birds with great foraging ability. Lay is good …

MI - Ayam Cemani $10 
I have several one month old Ayam Cemani chicks hatched in the coop that I don’t have room for this winter. Parents on site. Straight run. Some have minor …

TX - Silkie Bantam Roosters For Sale 
We purchased straight run chicks in March 2023 and we’re overrun with roosters. We have other rooster but would like to start with these. We have 5 roosters …

PA - Call Duck Pair 1 Drake 2 hens  
Have a paired up set of Grey Call Ducks. 1 Drake and 1 hen are both grey, the other hen is a buff. Asking $120. Email nickjansen0813@gmail.com.

TX - Penedesenca Chickens Breeding Flock  
Penedesenca Hens & Roosters Breeding Flock. from Spain Ages 1yr to 2yrs old Lay dark brown eggs. 9 hens 2 roosters $15.00 each 2 Breeding Black …

PA - Roosters of popular breeds available 
I've got too many roosters, need to move a few, breeds as follows: (3) Buff Orpingtons (1) Speckled Sussex (1)Gold Wyandotte (1) Blue Laced Gold …

NC - 8 Ayam Cemani/Leghorn Australorp mix roosters 
I have 8 roosters who can't stay with me in city limits, 3 black with dominant ayam cemanti genes and 5 white ones with some black spots. all absolutely …

NC - Golden Comet Started Pullets 
Golden Comet Started Pullets. I sale these pullets year round. Normal Age that I sale these pullets is 18 Weeks Old, but I do sometimes have them a little …

WI - Buff Orpingtons, Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, Salmon Favorelle, Black Tailed Red Marans & French Black Marans 
5 Months Old - laying now: Buff Orpington-3 Roosters & Several hens; Salmon Favorolles-1 Rooster & 6 hens; Leghorn 1 Rooster & several hens; Rhode Island …

IL - Black Muscovy  
Juvenile Muscovy ducks (8 weeks) Baby ducklings (6 days) Can be reached via email, Loveysabbs@gmail.com

OH - Swedish Orust chicks NW Ohio 
Feathered chicks. 8-10 weeks. Very rare and beautiful breed! 40.00 unsexed 🐥 also have a few year old Roos for sale. Will not ship. Zip code 43519. Text …

OR - Rhode Island Red Rooster 
Rhode Island Red cockerel that was supposed to be a hen. 3.5 months old, handled often, great with children. Cannot keep due to city ordinance. Bend, …

MI - 2 male Swedish blue ducks  
2 Swedish blue drakes for sale. 1 year old and very healthy. $60 for the pair. Or $45 each. These are full Swedish blue ducks and they are so handsome. …

IN - Paisley Call Ducks 
IN. PASTIME POULTRY We have fourteen paisley call ducks That need to be rehomed. I will text pictures upon request period For more information please …

NV - Polish Crest Rooster-Free 
4 month old Polish Crest rooster that was supposed to be a hen. We are not zoned for poultry in our neighborhood in Gardnerville or we would keep him. …

OH - Belgian Bearded Duccle chicks  
Belgian bearded duccle chicks Born week of July 21st 2023 Mille fleur mom Porcelain Dad 7 porcelain chicks 4 mille fleur chicks Natural hatch …

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