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NY- New York Flying Flight Pigeons 
I am selling some New York Flying Flight Pigeons, mostly black tigers and some red and yellow tigers. I am asking $5.00 each and you would pay for shipping …

NC - 6 month old bronze turkeys 
I have 5 six month old bronze turkeys born in may of 2018 ,contact , kathy asheboro nc, 336-879-2123 55,oo each or buy 2 or more at $50 each.

UT-3 young roosters, 1 Ayam Cemani and 2 Swedish Isbars 
I am selling these beautiful birds for $25 each. They hatched in June, 2018. I am looking for a good, loving home for them. They would be a great addition …

AZ - Shamo and Malay chickens  
Shamo and Malay chickens roosters and hens asking $100 each. Message me for more information. Located in Rio Rico, Arizona. Shipping available. Call 520-313-9742. …

NY-Serama breeding trio and gorgeous silkie cockerels. Can ship! 
Winter is approaching and we have a few fine young birds we are selling from our grow out pens. I have a serama trio for sale. Cockerel is a beautiful …

Silver Sussex for sale 
We do have available pure breed Silver Sussex bantams and fertile eggs for sale: for more info

IN-Madison ,Indiana Sebastopol geese for sale 
2 adult matched pairs approx 3 years old white Sebastopol geese and 2 not sexed yet born in April 2018 and 2 Bar Head Geese Located in Madison,Indiana …

Minneapolis, MN - Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster 
One 5 month old Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster is available free to a good home. He is very friendly, gentle with children and has a great personality. He …

IL - Birmingham Rollers, various colors - Not selling. Giving away. 
I have between 40 to 50 pigeons I need to give away due to health reasons. 98% of them are Birmingham Rollers, various colors. I have a few Homers also. …

Dallas TX-Young Amercauna Cockerel/Rooster 
Hatched May 19th weekend! Beautiful Lavender Amercauna Roo/Australorp hen offspring: Cockerel!! Gorgeous speckled black feathers! Long legs! Ready to …

ME - Indian/Ancona Male Ducks for free 
We would like to give away 3 male ducks, Ancona and Indian Runner mix. The are very sweet but we live in the suburbs and we have too many ducks. Email …

NJ - Starwitzer Pouter Pigeons 
I have about 24 birds for sale. Starwitzer Pouter Pigeons were imported from Poland. Please let me know if you're interested I can ship to you. You can …

Silver Laced Wyandotte 2018 Spring Laying Hens..  
I organically raise and breed healthy, robust multi purpose chickens. I specialize in selling laying young hens. Please free to call Wendy at(707) 617-0480. …

MI - SDW Old English Game Bantam Cockerels  
I have a couple Silver Duckwing Old English Cockerels for sale. They have good genetics with a good show history. Their full sibling was Reserve Champion …

We are in central Missouri, near Jefferson City. We are selling our entire breeding flock of Serama. Nice young birds, out of great bloodlines. 30 …

CA - Serama cockerals  
Beau hatched May 9. Looks to be a B size. Full sister peaches micro A.JD and Honey hatchedJune 1st. 3 straight run chicks due to hatch any day. Email …

OH - Colored Sebastopol Goslings - DNA sexed gander goslings $60 ea. 
Solid gray and gray saddleback (gray and white) DNA sexed Sebastopol gander goslings hatched mid June in Rock Creek, OH (44084). Both have a 50% chance …

AZ - Ayam Cemani Young Rooster 
I'm selling a Young Ayam Cemani Rooster, He is black with a beautiful chameleon metallic sheen. I am located in Mesa, Arizona and I am asking $250 or …

3 Month old Male Faverolles 
3 month old male Faverolles born Mothers Day 2018. He has a great sense of humor and gets along well with the other chickens. He is trained to go to his …

San Diego Calif. Seramas from mini to type A and B. 
Peaches 4 mo’s old 2.3 oz., cream is type B and point of lay, honey hatched June 1st, probably will be Mille fleur. Beau hatched May 9th, JD hatched June …

WI - White Crested Polish Bantams 6 wk $15 
Hand raised White Crested Polish Poults $15. Friendly, gentle, energetic and beautiful. Bantam variety lays beautiful small white eggs. Great genetics, …

NJ - Show Breeder Quality Welsh Harlequin Drakes (2) 
These two males were hatched at Holderread farm from the Top Show Quality stock during the week of June 5, 2017. One is a silver phase the other gold. …

Beeville,TX - Golden Sebright Bantams 3 months old, Pullets & Cockerels 
Golden Sebright Bantams 3 months old, Pullets & Cockerels. I have about 20 of them. Perfect Golden & Black Lacing. Located in Beeville, TX. Can not …

OK - Golden and Silver Phoenix 
Beautiful 3 month old Golden and Silver Phoenix Roosters. Friendly and very easy to handle. Would be suitable for show or would make a great addition to …

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NC~ Bantam Self Blue (Lavender) Cochin chicks 
We have 3-6 week old Bantam Self Blue Cochin chicks out of two of our breeding pens. We have been working on this variety for 5 years. These are beautiful, …

ID - Nankin Bantam Roosters 
I have 3 Nankin Bantam Roosters for sale. I am located in Eastern Idaho and will be traveling to Norther Idaho the weekend of June 13th 2018 and to the …

TN- silver sebright bantams red Cochin bantams 
4 month old silver sebright bantams hens $20 roosters $15. Healthy well taken care of birds. 4 month old red Cochin bantams $25 pair. Healthy well taken …

MO - Instant Backyard Laying Flock 
We have 7 laying hens and 2 roosters to sell. The breeds are as follows: Laying hens light brahma, Truly and Honor, 2 speckled sussex, 1, Rosey, …

Cream Light Brown Dutch Bantams- WA 
We have three purebred cockerels (almost one year) from show and breeder lines and one male/female pair available in Washington State. Beautiful birds- …

NY - Brahma, Cochins and Faverolles 
I have some sexable grow out Brahma chicks 8 weeks old (buff and dark) and 4 month old Partridge BBS cockerels. I will have more chicks and hatching eggs …

Five week old male h-araucanas-for-sale 
Five week old /male oh-araucanas-for-sale.great health well cared for. My township does not allow for Roosters. I bought a 8 baby chicks on Easter and …

NJ - Nankin Bantam Poults available NOW (5/10/18) 
Hatched March 23, 8 available From breeder/show stock, not hatchery. NPIP tested/certified flock Email:

OH - Silkies  
Buff trio $50, paint pair $40, chicks straight run $10 ea. Pickup only. 440-321-8484

A pair of jet-black ayam cemani for sale 
We do have a beautiful pair of jet-black ayam cemani for sale. for more information contact us |

NY- Mille Fleur Dutch bantams 
I have 4 Mille Fleur Dutch bantam hens for sale. I acquired them thinking they were the same as my Mille Fleur d'uccle but quickly realized when I got …

TX- OEGB Pullets and Roos 
9 week old brown red OEGB for sale. 2 pullets and 3 roos available. $15.00 each. Also have 2 week old straight run brown red OEGB for sale $8.00 each. …

WI - Two 1 year old mille fleur d'uccle hens-free 
Two 1 year old mille fleur d'uccle hens-free to a good home. Very friendly. Sparta WI 612-382-3682 Lisa

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