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This is your source for poultry that is available on a limited basis so get them while they are available!

If you have an extra cockerel or a few specific birds you want to sell, list it below! (Listings will automatically be deleted after 6 months or until you request it be removed)

Note:  If you have birds available to sell on a regular basis, please instead create a long-term listing in our Show-Quality Breeder Directory. 

What birds to you have available?

Here is your place to list limited quantities of poultry you have available to sell. Be sure to include your contact information or the listing will not be added. Ads will automatically be removed after 6 months, but PLEASE let me know if the ad is no longer needed before then so we can remove it and keep all the ads current and relevant.

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OH - Bantam Modern game birds 
Located in Toledo, Ohio, shipping is available American bantam association member I have a total of 5 bantam Modren gamebirds 1 silver birchen rooster …

OH - Booted Bantam Project budget birds 
Hatched first week of December pet quality /worthy bantam birds Offsprings of my booted Serama project So just a pair of lovely bantam poultry! $30 …

OH - Blue with leakage serama breeder pair 
This pair was hatched the first week of December of 2020,mating age now $200 OBO Both are part of my american x SRi-6 bloodline Showing good potential …

NY - Black Frizzle Rooster 
I am looking to rehome a black frizzle rooster. I reside in the village where we shouldn't have roosters. I am hoping to find him a good home where he …

MS - 10 pigeons (tumbler) they are well trained and will be shipped from mississippi  
We have 10 pigeons (tumbler) they are well trained and healthy and will be shipped from Mississippi. They also do backflips originate from turkey and …

TN - Langshans Bantam roosters 
3 roosters $5 each Lenoir City Tn 37772 865-604-3291 Also chicks hatched 4/11/21

MO - Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, and Black Sex Link hens 
All hatched early June, 2020. Laying consistently. I have no roosters, so these ladies go to their new homes wearing a white dress for your gentleman …

Free Black Silkie Cockerel 
Black silkie cockerel approximately 5 months old he is going to be a good looking bird. free to good home. 253/287/2123 any time

NJ - Pair. Yr old Purple/Blue peacocks 
Farm raised peacocks. Pair. Yr old. Pick up. $300. Contact 732-547-3480. David

NY - Pigeons for sale!!  
I have 4 white females with brown spots and 3 males that have dark blueish feathers with white spots, and a classic new york male pigeon. they are well …

NY - Pigeons for sale!!  
I have 4 white females with brown spots and 3 males that have dark blueish feathers with white spots, and a classic new york male pigeon. They are well …

OR - Hand raised Nankin bantam roosters 
conservatorsnankinbantamfowl@yahoo.com Hand raised Pure breed Nankin bantam rooster for sale three months old end of April. Will ship USPS $25. plus …

Wanted: Female Mute Swan 
Call or text: 740-359-3913

KY- White Silkie roosters  
I have 3 beautiful white silkie roosters for sale. They are about a year old. If you are interested you can text me at 2708602340

PA - Blue and Splash Jersey Giant chicks in Southeastern PA 
I have day old Jersey Giant chicks. They hatched on 4/1. Blue $10 and Splash $15. Pick up only. Pottstown PA willing to meet if not too far away. jbrasch33@gmail.com …

TX - Adult Orpington hens, cocks, pullets and chicks for sale 
Adult Orpington hens, cocks, pullets and chicks READY TO GO. Email animitvan@gmail.com

IA - One Adult Pair of American Buff Geese and Their Young Daughter  
I have a pair of American Buff geese and their young offspring to sell. The pair was hatched by Metzer Farms in 2017. The goose does lay and tries to sit …

IN - Large Fowl White Wyandottes - $100/pair or $140/trio 
6 Pullets, 3 Hens, 4 Cockerals: Pictures are representative of the Wyandottes. Located in east central Indiana. Pick up pick up at farm preferred. Text …

AL- Artist's Palette Mixed Pure Breed Ducklings & Goslings  

NY - Baby call ducks for sale in upstate NY 
Hatching call ducks they will be available at the end of next month. selling for $20-25 a piece. You can reach me at 607-882-3074

OH - Black East Indie Duck 
I have 2 Black East Indies ducks for sale. All ducks are in good health. (740) 280-6299.(Call or text) Email. pearlangela141@gmail.com I'm located …

Maran chicks 
I have 20 unsexed Maran day old chicks email me at edwardswilliam427@gmail.com for more info and photos

FL - Designer Silky Chickens 
Designer silky chickens: adult pairs and chicks of for sale. These are like any other silky accept that they are bred to produce different and interesting …

Bird specimens for taxidermy 
Hello, I am a taxidermy student looking for bird specimens for my course. I am open to any type of bird. If you have an animal that has unfortunately passed …

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FL - Grey and white Calls and Black East Indie Ducks 
We have a few Call ducks left to sell from last year's hatch. We have a few show quality pairs and a few pet quality pairs. They vary in price from $60/pair …

OH - Bantam modern gamebird  
I have a set of bantam Modern gamebirds available. Below is the color list sex and age Birchen (color not shown yet Pullet 2021 febuary hatch Silver …

NY - RIR hen and a Spangled Orloff hen for sale 
RIR hen and a Spangled Orloff hen for sale $20 each in the New York City Area 917-882-2554

OH - Cayuga Duck breeding trio 
I have a trio of Cayuga Ducks for sale. One drake and two hens/ducks. They are seven months old. They are laying. I purchased a straight run from McMurray …

OH - 2020 Bantam Red Cochin Frizzle Cockerels 
2020 Bantam Red Cochin Frizzle Cockerels. Several to choose from. Must pick up. Send text to 419-308-0264 initially please.

IN - Light Brahma and Ancona Roosters Available 
Hello, I have 2 light Brahma and 2 Ancona roosters available. All 4 are purebreds, and are 5 months old. If interested please email me at Coreenlopez4@yahoo.com …

AZ - Serama Hens & Roosters 
Serama hens and roosters Size A and B. All are younger than 2 years old. Some may be sold separately and others will be sold as trios or a rooster and …

OH - 2020 India Blue Pairs 
We are offering a few select pairs of India Blue peafowl for $125 until gone. There are no single hens at this time. We will likely have India Blue Pieds …

AZ - Brahma Cockerels For Sale 
5 month old Brahma Cockerels for sale. One light and two Buff's. Marana, AZ. Call Don at 520-990 -8799.

CO - Silver Dorkings - 9 hens, 1 Rooster, $250  
Established flock - All around chickens! Rare, heritage breed, good layers, excellent meat birds Free-range on 10 acres, 2 - 4 years $250 for all jhuntington1346@gmail …

IN - 4 month old bantam sex links, golden comet, Ancona chickens 
Hello, I have 4 month old bantams for sell. All the bantams are sex- link so they are a mix with another bantam breed. I also have 3-4 month old Golden …

IL - Serama & hatching eggs from showline 
All types and colors of Serama available. Check out our page on Facebook. THE SERAMA LAB. See photos of our awards. We have been breeding and showing …

NC - 4 month old Blue Andalusian rooster 
I have a young Blue Andalusian rooster (true blue) for sale. Hatched on October 4th 2020, so he’s still young. He’s a gorgeous rooster and fairly gentle. …

MO - Birchen Frizzle Cochin Bantam Cockerel 
Hi, my name is Alex, and I'm selling a young cochin cockerel! Hatch date Sept. 04, 2020. Willing to deliver within my local area, or within reason. He …

OR - 16 black white muscovy 1/3 male 6-18 months 
16 black white muscovy, 1/3 male, 6-18 months Call 541 525 4693

GA- King Pigeons for sale 
2 all white baby king pigeons for sale, Avera, GA area. Birds are $25 each for pick ups and $35 each to deliver to immediate adjacent area only. Birds …

MO - Ducklings: Calls (4 colors), Black East Indies, Silver Mallards 
Accepting preorders for 2021 ducklings in the following: Calls (Pastel, Snowy,Penciled, Chocolate), Black East Indies, Silver Mallards, Saxoney, Silver …

TX - Modern Game Bantam: Birchens & Blues - $30 
Located in Boerne, Texas. MGB Birchen Cockerels and Pullets, Birchen Chicks & Blue Chicks Text or Call Dana 210-389-5403

IN - Silkie and bantam 3-4 months old for sell 
I have 3 month old bantams and 4 month old silkies available for sell. In have hens and roosters, and please I don’t ship. Please email me at coreenlopez4@yahoo.com …


AZ - Shamo chickens young pairs and Malay 
Shamo and Malay chickens in pairs $100 ea bird. Available in Arizona, shipping available, Text or call 520-313-9742 for more info.

GA - 2 Splash Sumatra Roosters 
Hatch date was 04/01/2020 from Cackle Hatchery both are beautiful roosters, I just have to many right now. Please call 678-882-2713 for more details.

GA - 3 bantam cockerels - can be sold separately - $5 per D'Uccle 
I am located outside of atl. I will drive up to an hour. 3 cockerels. 1 is a full exchequer Serama. He is SQ and 7-8 weeks old. He is very tiny. His …

IN - Bantam and Silkie chicks 
I have bantam chicks 6 days old mostly Golden Sebright, and Mille Fleur D’uccle Cochin and silkies that are around 4-5 weeks old. If your interested …

IA - 8 Month Old Bantam Barnevelder Rooster - $20 
For Sale- 8 Month Old Bantam Barnevelder Rooster. He is a very sweet, good and beautiful boy who is looking to go to a good home. Preferably an acreage/farm, …

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MI - Svart Hona chickens 
I am taking spring and summer orders for 2021 for Svart Hona hatching eggs, chicks, pullets, and cockerels. Pricing is as follows and I fill orders on …

PA - Silkie rooster 
I have one silkie rooster free to a good home. 5 months old. I ended up with two and only need one. Email Dlykens2@comcast.net.

Northeast Louisiana - Bantam Golden Sebright Roosters 
Four 3-month old Bantam Golden Sebright Roosters. From Cackle Hatchery. Free to good home. Beautiful birds. Contact me at thommil3@aol.com.

PA - Mille Fleur d'Uccle roosters $1.00, Bantam cochin roosters, $1.00 
Too many roos. Gettysburg, PA 17325. 717-338-9344 or ridinthewind1st@gmail.com

NJ - Bearded and Non Bearded Silkies, Ameraucana, Leghorns & Australorp 
Blue, Black,Splash,Buff and White Bearded and Non Bearded Silkie Bantam chicks and chickens for sale ! 30 pullets $75 laying hens Pearl leghorn chicks …

Portland, OR - 2 Mosaic cockerels - $25/ea 
I have 2 Mosaic cockerels that are ready to find new flocks to run with. Hatched June 6th and are from GFF. Deep blue skin under feathers and will pass …

Milford, Michigan Satin Silkie Rooster 
Contact: Two48 9four9 seven8zero0 Milford, Michigan Young Cockerel/Rooster Satin Partridge Silkie 5:6 months old Father is an amazing rooster …

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  2. OH - Blue with leakage serama breeder pair

    This pair was hatched the first week of December of 2020,mating age now $200 OBO Both are part of my american x SRi-6 bloodline Showing good potential

  3. NY - Black Frizzle Rooster

    I am looking to rehome a black frizzle rooster. I reside in the village where we shouldn't have roosters. I am hoping to find him a good home where he

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