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Here is your place to list limited quantities of poultry you have available to sell. Be sure to include your contact information or the listing will not be added. Ads will automatically be removed after 6 months, but PLEASE let me know if the ad is no longer needed before then so we can remove it and keep all the ads current and relevant.

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MI - 3 beautiful roosters 
I have 3 rooster that need to go. One colorful bantam, and 2 bantam-rhode island red blend roosters with beautiful feathers. We have more roosters than …

PA - Chocolate, Chocolate Pied, and Barred Muscovies Available $20  
I have some really beautiful Muscovies that I hardly have room for, but would be great genetics for breeding. Two full chocolate hens, two chocolate/white …

OH - Minature gamefowl pairs and trios 
I have several 3 month old pairs a s trios in many varieties including whites, brown reds and blues 1-740-352-3937

FL - Elsterpuzler tumbler, magpie pair $75. Brooksville fl, can ship 
Elsterpuzler tumbler magpie pair $75. Brooksville fl, can ship 3525930720

KY - Call ducks price from $40.00 to $50.00 a pair 
I have approx. 300 good quality pure breed call ducks in several different white-pastel -butterscotch- pied chocolate and more. For more information call …

GA - Lavender Orpingtons 
Currently have six Lavender Orpington Chicks, open run, top quality. They are a little over two weeks old at this posting and are beginning to feather …

SC - White Muscovy Ducks  
Planning to be at Columbus. Limited number of ducks available. I very rarely show anymore,but I have the best Whites in North America. Been breeding …

IN - Two Saxony Drakes Hatched April 2022 
Two Saxony Drakes Hatched Together April and shown with 4H Huntington, Indiana Contact info: Regina (260) 418-5415

OH - Sebastopols 
Northwest Ohio. Still have (17) big beautiful growouts born in May 2022 as of 10/22. Message for details or visit: …

MO - BREEDER SALE OUT. All Ayam Cemani Must Go. All ages 
We have all ages available. Located in Garden City, MO. Please visit my site for details. Go to the Chicken Ayem Cemani page for details. …

OR- Silkie Bearded White Rooster 2 bearded white silkie roosters. They are very beautiful and super affectionate. I hatched them in May. I unfortunately can't …

Have 4 young Serama roosters, frilled and carry frill gene. Kept inside. Need rehomed. WVA 
Have 4 roosters out of our spring hatch. 2 frilled, 2 carry the frill gene. From show lines. Need rehomed as we have moved to the city. Make offer. No …

NY - Bantam Salmon Faverolles Cockerels - $10/each 
Hatched too many roos! Bantam Salmon Faverolles Cockerels are just over 4 months old. Two available. Dad won best in show at Dutchess County 4H Poultry …

MO - Selling Whole Flock Ayam Cemani. Adults and Chicks 
12 adult Ayam Cemani with high fertility rate in eggs for sale. 1 Rooster and 11 hens. Good quality birds. Double fibro. Must sale fast so I am only asking …

NJ - Australian black swans 
1 cobb black swan, 20 mos. of age, pinioned, $1500.00, 1 penn black swan, 20 mos. of age, pinioned, $1200.00 Farm pick up only, Howell, NJ, call or text …

SC - Bob White Quail Eggs 
I have 400 bob white quail eggs hatching Aug 12, 2022. Any questions text 86470six1387. Located in Spartanburg SC.

TN - Black Hamburg Cockerel 
Large fowl, more than 1 available. Hatched Spring 2022. West Tennessee. Can ship. NPIP and AI clean. Contact: or text 901-552-6975 …

FL- Blue/White Silkie Cockerels 
I have 3 Blue and 4 White 5 month old Silkie cockerels for sale. Beautiful feathering. NPIP certified/ AI clean. 20.00 each. 352-494-5848

TN- Standard Bred Buff Orpington and LF Black Cochin  
I currently have young LF black cochins males. I have one rooster hatched 5-31-21 buff Orpington available. Several young ones available this fall. …

NY - Serama Cockerels- $30-$50 
Pure Serama Roosters. Hatched 2021 and 2022. Smooth variety $30 each; Silky-Feathered variety $50 each. Upstate NY, near Binghamton and Ithaca. …

WI - Ornamental Red Golden and Lady Amherst Chicks 
Red Golden and Lady Amherst chicks born this year. Have not been sexed. $20 each for Red Golden and $30 each for Lady Amherst. Will not ship. Connie in …

CA - Chickens for sale - $120 
I have 11 hens and 1 rooster. for sale. Email - "" with questions. Thanks!

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