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The Chick Whisperer has Assorted Hens and a few Roosters with several different Breedsavailable for sale in Tallahassee Florida  
Hello chicken lovers! I currently have for sale at a competitive rate, the following chickens: Golden Sex-links, Buck Eyes, Ameracaunas, Rhode Island …

PA - Lavender Ameraucana Rooster 
Looking for responsible chicken lover who will give this guy a nice home with his own flock to watch over. I have too many roosters, and this little boy …

Free Araucana White Rooster 1 year old 
I'm simply looking for a home for a 1 yr. old all white rooster. I realize he isn't a show bird, but just hoping someone can help me find him a good home. …

MO - Muscovy Ducklings  
Hello my name is Autumn. I live in Cleveland, MO which is a suburb of Kansas City. I have 16 muscovy ducklings for sale that are 4 days old and another …

FL - Chick Whisperer 2019 will be offering 2-3 month old started Pullets for sale in Tallahassee Fl. 32317 
My family calls me the Chick Whisperer Hahaha it seems lately chicks are my life. I will be selling 2-3 months old pullets starting in May. I will have …

Lovely Serama boy, 5-month old. Northern Illinois (Aurora) 
This lovely Serama cockerel was hatched in October so he's about 5 months old. He is very calm and docile and loves to be held. He's been hand-fed since …

NY - Modern Game Bantams 
Birchen, lemon blue, bb red, all show quality, most going back to Lee Bohall lines. Must sell wife has lung disease located southern tier of ny. ph#607 …

2018 India Blue hens and unsexed White at this time. Breeding in 2019: India Blue, India Blue Pied, India Blue Silver Pied, India Blue White-eye, and Opal. …

NJ - Pekin ducks 
2 male Pekin ducks almost 1 year old. Email Located Morris county nj

NC - 10 mature muscovy ducks 6 male and 4 female 
My name is Corey Ellis I am 22 years old I have 10 mature muscovy ducks 6 males 4 females. I'm located in Stanley NC. You can call me directly about purchasing …

PA - 3 Pairs of SQ Dark Brahmas and Couple of Extra Cockerels 
I currently have 3 pair for sale and a couple extra cockerels at $30.00 each. 717-314-5323

CO - Ameraucana Roosters, Black 
I have two 6 month old Black Ameraucana Roosters from a hatch I did in July. Foundation stock was from Paul Smith in Texas(top ABC breeder). I would like …

IL - Day Old Chicks 
"Your one stop RAINBOW EGG shop!" We are a small family farm located in Prophetstown, IL. We are currently taking orders for Spring 2019 poultry! We …

CA - FREE to LOVING home- Gorgeous Polish-crested rooster & white Bantam rooster  
Hi,my name is Ginger Warfield (408)568-9969 & I live in Salinas. I currently have 14 hens and two stunning roosters. Unfortunately, my neighbors are a …

LA - Pair of Blue Seramas from South Grant Seramas-$60 
I raise and sell show quality Seramas along with pet quality. We offer chicks when available and fertile eggs. I am located in South Grant Parish ( near …

Easter Eggers/Blue Eggers/Will Start Laying In March 2019 
Easter Eggers. Hatched September 26,2018 Will start to lay about the beginning of March. All females, sexed birds, no roosters. Vaccinated For Mareks. …

PA (southeastern)- Free Silkie Partridge Roosters, Bearded, Crested, Show Quality 
Hand raised from eggs, very sweet 6 months old. Free to good home. My township does not allow roosters. Email

IL- White Leghorns-$50 each or $135 for trio 
White Leghorn large fowl cockerels and pullets available. Born in May 2018. Just have too many, trying to size down. Show quality birds from a NPIP flock. …

NY - Spangled Shamo cock $125 + shipping 
Around 11 pounds and 30 inches tall. Very large birds and great quality. Email

TX - Lavender Orpington Cockerel - $35 
Show Quality Lavender Orpington Cockerel for sale in Spring TX. He’s huge and looks awesome. He was hatched in late April 2018. He shows well and would …

OH - Started Pullets - Black Ameraucanas, Salmon Faverolles, White Marans 
Started Pullets - Black Ameraucanas (produced from Blue Ameraucana Parents), Salmon Faverolles, White Marans. 10 Weeks old on 12/8/18 From Meyer …

IL- Coronation and Light Sussex roosters 
Coronation Sussex rooster for sale. Got by accident when we got our light Sussex birds. We are wanting to hatch out more light Sussex so do not want him …

NY - I have 3 six month old silkies  
I have 3 beautiful silkies. They are gray, black and cream. They are almost 6 month old. Very nice and friendly birds. Good with my dog and child. They …

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NY- New York Flying Flight Pigeons 
I am selling some New York Flying Flight Pigeons, mostly black tigers and some red and yellow tigers. I am asking $5.00 each and you would pay for shipping …

NC - 6 month old bronze turkeys 
I have 5 six month old bronze turkeys born in may of 2018 ,contact , kathy asheboro nc, 336-879-2123 55,oo each or buy 2 or more at $50 each.

UT-3 young roosters, 1 Ayam Cemani and 2 Swedish Isbars 
I am selling these beautiful birds for $25 each. They hatched in June, 2018. I am looking for a good, loving home for them. They would be a great addition …

AZ - Shamo and Malay chickens  
Shamo and Malay chickens roosters and hens asking $100 each. Message me for more information. Located in Rio Rico, Arizona. Shipping available. Call 520-313-9742. …

Silver Sussex for sale 
We do have available pure breed Silver Sussex bantams and fertile eggs for sale: for more info

IN-Madison ,Indiana Sebastopol geese for sale 
2 adult matched pairs approx 3 years old white Sebastopol geese and 2 not sexed yet born in April 2018 and 2 Bar Head Geese Located in Madison,Indiana …

Minneapolis, MN - Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster 
One 5 month old Plymouth Barred Rock Rooster is available free to a good home. He is very friendly, gentle with children and has a great personality. He …

IL - Birmingham Rollers, various colors - Not selling. Giving away. 
I have between 40 to 50 pigeons I need to give away due to health reasons. 98% of them are Birmingham Rollers, various colors. I have a few Homers also. …

ME - Indian/Ancona Male Ducks for free 
We would like to give away 3 male ducks, Ancona and Indian Runner mix. The are very sweet but we live in the suburbs and we have too many ducks. Email …

NJ - Starwitzer Pouter Pigeons 
I have about 24 birds for sale. Starwitzer Pouter Pigeons were imported from Poland. Please let me know if you're interested I can ship to you. You can …

Silver Laced Wyandotte 2018 Spring Laying Hens..  
I organically raise and breed healthy, robust multi purpose chickens. I specialize in selling laying young hens. Please free to call Wendy at(707) 617-0480. …

MI - SDW Old English Game Bantam Cockerels  
I have a couple Silver Duckwing Old English Cockerels for sale. They have good genetics with a good show history. Their full sibling was Reserve Champion …

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