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WI - White Crested Polish Bantams 6 wk $15 
Hand raised White Crested Polish Poults $15. Friendly, gentle, energetic and beautiful. Bantam variety lays beautiful small white eggs. Great genetics, …

Beeville,TX - Golden Sebright Bantams 3 months old, Pullets & Cockerels 
Golden Sebright Bantams 3 months old, Pullets & Cockerels. I have about 20 of them. Perfect Golden & Black Lacing. Located in Beeville, TX. Can not …

OK - Golden and Silver Phoenix 
Beautiful 3 month old Golden and Silver Phoenix Roosters. Friendly and very easy to handle. Would be suitable for show or would make a great addition to …

NC~ Bantam Self Blue (Lavender) Cochin chicks 
We have 3-6 week old Bantam Self Blue Cochin chicks out of two of our breeding pens. We have been working on this variety for 5 years. These are beautiful, …

ID - Nankin Bantam Roosters 
I have 3 Nankin Bantam Roosters for sale. I am located in Eastern Idaho and will be traveling to Norther Idaho the weekend of June 13th 2018 and to the …

TN- silver sebright bantams red Cochin bantams 
4 month old silver sebright bantams hens $20 roosters $15. Healthy well taken care of birds. 4 month old red Cochin bantams $25 pair. Healthy well taken …

MO - Instant Backyard Laying Flock 
We have 7 laying hens and 2 roosters to sell. The breeds are as follows: Laying hens light brahma, Truly and Honor, 2 speckled sussex, 1, Rosey, …

Cream Light Brown Dutch Bantams- WA 
We have three purebred cockerels (almost one year) from show and breeder lines and one male/female pair available in Washington State. Beautiful birds- …

NY - Brahma, Cochins and Faverolles 
I have some sexable grow out Brahma chicks 8 weeks old (buff and dark) and 4 month old Partridge BBS cockerels. I will have more chicks and hatching eggs …

Five week old male h-araucanas-for-sale 
Five week old /male oh-araucanas-for-sale.great health well cared for. My township does not allow for Roosters. I bought a 8 baby chicks on Easter and …

NJ - Nankin Bantam Poults available NOW (5/10/18) 
Hatched March 23, 8 available From breeder/show stock, not hatchery. NPIP tested/certified flock Email:

OH - Silkies  
Buff trio $50, paint pair $40, chicks straight run $10 ea. Pickup only. 440-321-8484

A pair of jet-black ayam cemani for sale 
We do have a beautiful pair of jet-black ayam cemani for sale. for more information contact us |

NY- Mille Fleur Dutch bantams 
I have 4 Mille Fleur Dutch bantam hens for sale. I acquired them thinking they were the same as my Mille Fleur d'uccle but quickly realized when I got …

TX- OEGB Pullets and Roos 
9 week old brown red OEGB for sale. 2 pullets and 3 roos available. $15.00 each. Also have 2 week old straight run brown red OEGB for sale $8.00 each. …

WI - Two 1 year old mille fleur d'uccle hens-free 
Two 1 year old mille fleur d'uccle hens-free to a good home. Very friendly. Sparta WI 612-382-3682 Lisa

Icelandic Chickens  
I have 4 quads of Icelandic chickens to sell. (3hens+1rooster)16 total. All are 2 years old, burying me in eggs. $100 per quad, or $350 if you want them …

MO - Laying hens 
I have Hi Line hens for sale. They are laying and healthy. Please call if interested. 636-575-5571

VA - Easter Eggers 
I have 28 easter eggers mixed colors 10 weeks old $6.00 each Heathsville Va Ed Kroll 703 400 8520 email

MA Ayam Cemani chicks 
I have 7 ayam cemani chicks available.They're $50 each and straight run. Message me with any questions at 774-757-8291

MA - Dewlap Toulouse Geese 
I have 2 pairs of dewlap toulouse for sale. Holderreads stock. $250 a pair. females are laying eggs! Text me at 774-757-8291

Tricolored Cochin Bantam Rooster 7 months old  
Beautiful Tricolored Cochin Bantam rooster that is 7 months old. His name is Mr. Peeps. We have too many roosters in our Bantam flock and I need him …

Five dewlap Toulouse ganders 
Giant Toulouse ganders I year old 50.00 each. 517-252-1624

Chicago, IL - Bantam / Old English Game 
-Small chickens 10-12in hight -Great pets for children -Egg Layers (small) - 3mo 4/4/2018 $10 chicks $20 mature 773-312-4831 VM or Text …

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AZ - White Silkie Rooster 
One 4 month old white silkie rooster available. We purchased hens, but one was a rooster! We are a Tucson AZ family just starting with backyard chickens …

Silkie Rooster (under 1 year old) 
Silkie Rooster (under 1 year old) --Rare colorful plumage, glossy auburn red feathers on head and neck with iridescent green/black/blue/teal tall tail …

MN - Silver Laced Wyandotte Trio $50 Laporte,MN 
Hello, I selling a trio of Silver laced wyandottes, me asking price is $50.00 cash only deal. context me at 218 252 6547 or 218 266 3981.

UT - White Russian Orloff  
Rooster 7 month old. Very friendly.

MO - Sumatras - Rooster and 4 hens 
Sumatras - bought stock from Wade Burkalter $70 each (showable); will come down in price if you buy more than one. Kay Chang 660-349-9166 (text …

CA - Isbar Roosters  
I am selling Isbar Roosters, all 4 months old that I purchased from Greenfire Farms. I have two black, one blue, and one splash. Each are social and friendly …

TN - Nankin Cockerels Straight Comb 
Nankin Cockerels, Straight Comb. Last years hatch 2017. 30.00 each. Middle TN area. Text/call for more info to Emily Dill. 615-427-2288. Thanks …

MO - Silkie Roosters $10 
In Missouri - We have beautiful soft fuzzy Bearded Silkie Roosters For Sale - September 2017 Chicks, now 5 months old - Make great pets or put them …

4 white Silkie Roosters  
4 young SILKIE Roosters. $5.00 each to good home. I have too many roosters need gone ASAP. I live in New Castle Pa phone 724 657 7359

Jacobin Pigeons - individual and breeding pairs $50-$200 
Our Jacobin Pigeons coexist nicely with Chickens and Doves. I would recommend a protected outdoor pen but these birds do well indoors if you have a large …

WI - Old English male rooster and Bourbon Red male turkey 
Old English game bantam hatched last spring. I am asking $20 or best offer for him. I also have a Bourbon Red Tom Hatched in Summer. Asking $50.00 or …

MS - Rhode Island Red Rooster - $15 
Heritage Bird - This beautiful heritage bird will make an excellent addition to your flock. A hatching hobbyist hatched this bird June 1st 2017 - This …

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    Hand raised White Crested Polish Poults $15. Friendly, gentle, energetic and beautiful. Bantam variety lays beautiful small white eggs. Great genetics,

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