Pennsylvania Avicultural Society Tailgate


Clearfield Fairgrounds

5615 Park St

Clearfield, PA


Lake Tobias

760 Tobias Rd

Halifax, PA

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Park Admission Fee:$4.00

Tailgate Fee - MEMBERS FREE ( Non-Members - $10.00 )

For more information, contact:

Matt Rich


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What's New Around Here?

  1. NJ - Wyandotte Bantams - chocolate

    Our chocolate wyandotte bantams originally came from Jerry Foley in 2014. They originally were a project that Jerry developed from Chocolate Orpingtons

  2. Wanted: Salmon Faverolles

    Wanted: Two Salmon Faverolles pullets; 4-12 weeks; must be vaccinated against Marek's; can pick up in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, or northeast

  3. NJ - Rollers Pigeons

    I am getting out of hobby. I have rollers pigeons, kit box, loft and feed for sale. Email

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