Southwind Farms Bird & Small Animal Tailgate Sale & Swap Meet

Southwind Farms

589 Lobdell Rd

Otego, NY

All healthy waterfowl, poultry, gamebirds, small animals welcome as well as cages, supplies etc... Lots of space 9am-2pm

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What's New Around Here?

  1. OR - Serama chickens - $40-$100

    Serama Chickens available year round. A variety of colors including black, buff, blue, white, and many in between. Shipping available nationwide. My name

  2. TN - Egyptian goslings

    Vent sexed pair of Egyptian goslings available. These are a rare bird and they are flighty. Please research this breed if you’re new to them. $200. Also

  3. NW Florida - Bantam Polish

    Bantam polish; all white, blue, wc black, buff, silver, gold laced. 678-788-0817

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