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Union County Flock Swap
(+Tack & Ag/Farm Supplies)

Union County Saddle Club

216 E Sandy Ridge Rd

Monroe, NC

8am-12 Noon

Sell, swap, & meet like-minded poultry enthusiasts! Any and all types & ages of poultry are welcome, from hatching eggs to adults!

Chickens, Pheasants, Geese, Pigeons, Ducks, Peacocks, Swans, Quail, Turkeys, Emus, & Ostriches, & more welcome!
Also allowing some other small farm animals to be included (rabbits for example).

Vendors who would like to bring “merchandise” are also welcome. (Examples:tack, equine supplies, riding helmets, small farm animal feeders/waterers, nesting boxes, incubators, coops, coop supplies, cages, things of that nature. Items pertaining to and used for farm type animals only please.)

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Union County Saddle Club FB Page

For more information, contact:

Darla Hathcock

(704) 690-2850


For current date, and for other

North Carolina poultry swaps,


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  1. IA - Golden Appleyard Ducks

    I raise silver Appleyard ducks for FFA and I have some drakes and hens for sale you can buy eggs, ducklings, adult males, adult females, pairs, trios,
  2. IN - White Faced Black Spanish Large Fowl

    White Faced Black Spanish Large fowl Eggs, chicks, on occasion juveniles as well. Eggs can be shipped, but as standard, no guarantees can be made once
  3. IN - Gray Toulouse Ganders

    I'm selling 2 Gray Toulouse Ganders. They are both a year old as of April 1, 2024. They come from Jean Doerflein's line of Toulouse and are great show

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