Niagara Feather Fanciers Spring SHow and 
West Niagara Fair Poultry Show

West Niagara Fairgrounds

7402 Mud St W

Grassie, Ontario, Canada

Sponsored by the Niagara Feather Fanciers

Classes for Poultry,pigeons,waterfowl,and turkeys

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John Beamer

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What's New Around Here?

  1. West Central Poultry Auction

    Information on the West Central Poultry Auction

  2. IL - Cream legbar chicks and hatching eggs

    I am selling cream legbar chicks and cream legbar hatching eggs. Legbars lay a beautiful blue egg and are excellent foragers. These are purebred cream

  3. IA - Heritage Rhode Island Reds

    Show quality Rhode Island Reds- Large fowl only. Great dual purpose birds that come from the best show stock. Great birds for a hobbyist or backyard flock.

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