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Feather Lover Farms is one of the very few farms that are able to hatch & ship the rarest & highest quality chicken breeds every week throughout the entire year. We guarantee live arrival on all orders. Only 3 chick minimum orders. Your chicks usually ship the following week after purchase. If you need questions answered fast, Feather Lover Farms offers Live Chat are on our website to conveniently answer any questions you may have.

Feather Lover Farms has been hatching and shipping quality Ayam Cemani chicks for years with now over 1,000 happy customers that help make it possible.

To learn more about our rare breeds or to order chicks, please visit https://featherloverfarms.com/


Brandy on Dec 02, 2017
So i got a shipment order on a Tuesday that the chicks would not be to my hometown till that next monday. I was so upset, i txt the company and told them this and they reassured me that they would be here either friday or Sat. And that the chicks were packaged to last that long, i felt that would be to long and they would be dead on arrival. I was skeptical. But ok... i got the call on Sat morning my chicks were here. THEY WERE ALL ALIVE AND IT WAS STILL VERY WARM IN THERE BOX. I ordered 3 Ayam Cemani and i received 12 more chicks with my order, so they would stay warm and make the trip. So i will differentially order again.. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Customer Service is Great
Rhonda on Nov 16, 2017
FLF was great to work with, very responsive. I have/will recommend to friends/family. Thanks!

Cemani chicks
Nadine on Nov 08, 2017
Received my Cemani chicks in great condition...they are thriving and have grown beautifully....so happy with my Cemani chicks I ordered some more for my daughter!!
Will order again, very happy!

Ordering more!
Lawrence on Oct 26, 2017
My chicks arrived alive and healthy! Great customer service, properly packaged and beautiful stock. I recommend highly.

Love ❤️ my babies
Betty on Oct 24, 2017
My chicks arrived in beautiful perfect condition. And I love them! They are growing so fast! Thank You FLF!

Beautiful Pair!!!
Sarah on Nov 03, 2017
This is my first time purchasing this breed and I decided to buy a breeding pair from Feather Lover Farms since they seem to have the best prices I could find. I purchased on Sunday and they shipped them the very next day on Monday and they arrived on Tuesday morning! I was so excited when I got a call from my post office to come pick them up Tuesday morning. They arrived in a Horizon live bird shipping box and were very nicely packaged with cut fruit. The pair is probably closer to 10 weeks as they are good size and they are absolutely stunning!!! They are solid black and look so cool! They are very friendly and walk right up to me when I bring them dried mealworm treats! Of the years and years raising chickens, I have never seen anything like them before! They should be breeding and producing eggs in a couple months hopefully and will be able to hatch my own soon! Thank you so much Feather Lover Farms! You guys answered all my questions and are so great to work with. I highly reccomend this company!

Beautiful Black Chicks
Julie Capwell on Oct 24, 2017
Received 12 very black Ayam Cemani chicks. Very happy with the quality of stock. Thank you feather lover farms!

Shady Grove Farm and the English Baker WV on Nov 03, 2017
YAY! One dozen Feather Lovers Farms Ayam Cemani black "GOTH" Chicks arrived this morning! We have been on tenterhooks as we ordered these three weeks ago, but today, we opened up the box, and we have 12 lumps of furry coal, sitting on their heat pads, peeping like crazy after flying cross country from California to West Virginia <3

The company packed these chicks exceptionally well. The heat pads were still warm and the box well padded, just like a chicken's nest!. Good ventilation but draft-free. We give the company a 10/10 on packing and shipping. Only ONE chick had a visible fault.. pink middle toes on both feet and white toenails. Sometimes they will end up with mulberry combs and wattles or coloured feathers, in which case, we would HAVE to send her to freezer camp!

The remaining 11 were MUCH darker than the Greenfire - derived chicks that we hatched a couple of days earlier, and that is a good thing for breeding prospects!

Up until now, folks have had Greenfire Farms stock, and with inbreeding, and many folks' lack of ability, or simply not WANTING to cull their expensive, precious chicks with faults, there has been a decrease in pigmentation, with pink toes, white toenails and tongues, colour bleed, coloured feathers etc. We culled MORE THAN TWO THIRDS of the birds that we hatched in an attempt to eventually get back to pure black so that we can provide QUALITY hatching eggs to people so these both diversify the gene pool AND will give us even darker chickens too!

Beautiful black babies!
Betty on Oct 24, 2017
Ordered 2 of each Ayams from FLF and I must say, I love all of them! Only difference I see is the Greenfire has a clear fingernail on each of the two I got. The Featherlover is total black all over! And one of them has taken to hanging out on top of the food container and watches the others down below! Also, they seem to love being pet and just hanging out on my hands! Very friendly birds! Thank You FLF for my beautiful birds!

AWESOME Genetics!
Kevin Dodson on Oct 24, 2017
I am amazed by the quality of these FLF chicks. I have spent $1,000's of dollars over the years trying to perfect the true black Ayam Cemani genetics. The FLF stock is the best I have been able to find in the entire country. These chicks are the real deal!

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