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CA - Silver Double Laced Barnevelder hatching eggs

by Deborah Kunic

From our show quality flock of Silver Double Laced Barnevelders. Large, robust, productive well marked birds. Selling Hatching eggs, fresh and sent packed in fine wood shavings which helps preserve hatchability because of superior shock absorption during transit, superior temperature insulation and breathe-ability. Even if the box is damaged, I have yet to lose an egg, and have shipped as far as Puerto Rico with good results. I will have young adults available later this year, but eggs are a much more affordable way to start your flock.
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Thank you.

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Deborah Kunic

Comments for CA - Silver Double Laced Barnevelder hatching eggs

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May 01, 2020
by: Terry


There is only one "standard" Barnevelder. They are all double-laced. The Silvers are an import from Green Fire farms; so, it is redundant to call them double-laced. They are just Silver Barnevelders!

How are you Tumblers doing?

Best wishes,

Terry R.

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