FL - Bantam Speckled Sussex

by Jackie Koedatich
(Spring Hill, Florida)

Home Of the Ohio National 2012 Champion Bantam Sussex Hen

Home Of the Ohio National 2012 Champion Bantam Sussex Hen

Jackie & Vanessa Koedatich
Master Breeder Of Speckled Sussex Bantams
started birds & Adults
Pet & Show Quality,
Sussex are wonderful sweet birds that are very curious and can be tamed easily, very good layers of light brown eggs
sorry no chicks or eggs


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Mar 05, 2016
Sussex for sale?
by: Ivy H

Hello I'm Ivy. I am now 18 years old and I'm to old to show at fairs. I have a sister who is interested in showing chickens because of me. My cousin had a Sussex hen she loved but she died of old age. And trying to find Sussex bantams are hard to find definitely show quality. If you can email me at ivyhawley51@gmail.com if you have any left for sale or any eggs you want to sell just shoot me a price. I also live in Christmas fl.

Jul 13, 2015
HELP!! Need two adult spceckled Susses asap!!!
by: Jennifer

Hello to anyone that can help!!!
I am in desperate need to find two adult speckled Sussex chickens!!! Need them asap---- we were taking care of a neighbors chickens and the fox got two of them and I'm trying so hard to purchase two and put them in pen to spare the feelings of the kids!!! We will of course have to tell our neighbors but if we could spare the kids from this terrible accident, it would be much better. They have a lovely five star coop -- my kids accidently left the chicken peep hole latch open. So sad.
Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Phone: 203-249-5255
thank you

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