IA - Deathlayers, Silkies, Sebrights, Polish, Cochin, and more. Grinnell, Iowa

by Uncle Bill's Farm
(Grinnell, Iowa)

Over 30 years, we've been selectively breeding our exhibition quality birds to give our customers the very best birds available. German Deathlayers, silkies (of all ASBC SOP colors,) silver laced sebrights, gold laced sebrights, white crested black polish bantams, bantam cochin, large fowl cochin, peacock, Dutch bantams, porcelain D'Uccle and more. You can reach our farm, Uncle Bill's Farm in Grinnell, Iowa by emailing us at unclebillsfarm@hotmail.com or facebook.com/unclebillsfarmiowa or unclebillsfarm.com

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