IL - Light, Dark, Buff, and Partridge Brahma Bantams

by Brady Johnson
(Mt. Carmel, IL)

I have good show quality Light, Dark, Buff, and Partridge Brahma Bantams that I will sell hatching eggs from in the spring. I can be reached by e-mail at or 618-263-7782.

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May 02, 2022
by: Sandy Kavanaugh

Dear Brady,
This is wonderful news, to see you're raising the bantam Majestic Ones in so many varieties! Congratulations!
Would you be interested in adding the magnificent Black Brahma bantams to your varieties? They've been an accepted variety int the ABA's Bantam Standard from the start, and before I croak, I plan to see these special birds in the APA's Standard of Perfection where they belong.
I'm so glad to see a familiar name still connected with Brahmas. You've been here years ago, at Hens' Haven, and are welcome back anytime.
I look forward to seeing photos of your Darks, especially!
Yours in the Fancy,

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