KS - Icelandic Hatching Eggs

by Fed Up Farm
(Selden, KS 67757)

We have hatching eggs available from our pure flock of Icelandic Chickens. Call or text 785-269-7787 to order or visit our eBay listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/265717384826?hash=item3dddfd867a:g:dKAAAOSwbzliiQrc

Our flock represents a mix of 4 of the 5 lines that have been imported into the United States. We have Hlesey, Husatoftir, Belh (Kolsholt) and Sigrid (Sigrid/Steiner II). The lines are named after the importer/farm they came from. We have no other chickens on our homestead and our closest neighbors with chickens are 4.5 miles away so there is absolutely no chance of accidental cross breeding. You can be sure that what you are getting is 100% pure Icelandic. Be aware that alot of people try to pass off "barnyard mixes" as Icelandics.

Once ordered I start collecting to ensure you get the freshest eggs possible for incubation.

Eggs are wrapped individually in bubble wrap and placed inside a small box, then that box is wrapped in bubble wrap and place inside the exterior shipping box. Double boxing and wrapping this way, we have had great success with eggs arriving safely and in one piece. I ship priority mail so you should have your eggs within 3 days from the shipping date. When you receive your shipping confirmation, it is a good idea to have your incubator up and running ahead of time so you can make sure your parameters are correct. When you receive your eggs in the mail, be sure to let them rest with the pointy end of the eggs down for 24 hours. This let's the air cell reattach itself in the correct position after being jostled around in shipping. Chicken eggs begin to drop their fertility at 7-10 days so it is important to place your eggs in the incubator ASAP after you have let them rest for the 24 hour period for best hatch results. Due to a number of factors that are out of my control after the eggs leave my hands like incubation temps, humidity levels, handling in shipping, etc. I cannot guarantee your hatch rates.

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