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MA - Silkie Bantams - Black, White and Blue

by Kate

Champion Silkies in White Bearded and Non Bearded, Black Silkies in Bearded and non Bearded, Blue Silkies in Bearded only. I sell hatching eggs year round and juvenile birds at shows in the fall only.
www.goldeneggfarm.com for championships and pictures of my birds and farm. Many years breeding very good birds. Master Breeder at American Silkie Bantam club and Master Exhibitor at American Bantam Association.Latest Win - Eastern New York Poultry club Show ayt cobleskill, NY - reserve Featherleg Champ out of 107 birds!!
Thanks for looking!

Comments for MA - Silkie Bantams - Black, White and Blue

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Feb 14, 2020
Silkie hen NEW
by: Dawn

Hello, I am in search of a white silkie hen and another silkie hen that can be any color. I lost my black silkie this year and would like to add two to my flock. Thank you.

Apr 16, 2019
Hatching eggs
by: Anonymous

Hello Kate & Freeda, I'm very interested in some of your hatching eggs. If you could contact me that would be Wonderful!
j109swaze21@gmail.com Please & Thank You

Dec 11, 2018
8 month old silkie roo
by: Anonymous

Need to rehome this sweet pretty boy. Located in Woburn
Email me if interested. Marygerl@comcast.net

Oct 22, 2018
Searching for Silkie Hens NEW
by: Anonymous

I am searching for blue, splash and partridge silkies. Preferably hens, but roos are ok too. TY in advance, Mary @ mgv612@live.com

Apr 17, 2018
ISO white silkie and second one no specific coloring NEW
by: Jennifer

Just lost our sweet white silkie and hoping to find 2 hens. Not too picky in coloring and age. Just prefer to not end up with a rooster. Any help is appreciated. My son is away and is going to be devastated.

Mar 18, 2018
looking for silkies NEW
by: Anonymous

looking for blue, black and speckled silkies , pref close to weymouth ma capecook@live.com

Oct 01, 2017
Silkies NEW
by: Steven

Looking for a couple of White Silkie chicks. Please email me at SBlevins6@hotmail.com

Nov 17, 2016
Any pullets or hens available? NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for a few pretty silkies for my coop. We are a free range farm and we sell eggs but we are looking to add bantam eggs to our selections. Please email me at lily.ttbfbettas@gmail.com if you have any pullets or laying hens available, I would like to purchase a few. It does not matter if they are show quality or not. Thank you!

May 23, 2016
Blue and black silkies wanted NEW
by: Meriwether

We have two two-week old Buff orpingtons and two two-week old Golden Comets (as of 20 May) and want to add a black silke and a blue silke of similar age to the flock, or two silkes of the same color.

Please respond to meriwethergill@hotmail.com if you have any silkes available.

Thank you.

May 08, 2016
Looking to swap and/or sell? NEW
by: Denise

Hi, My name is Denise and I live in Portland, Maine. I have 7 5 week old gorgeous white silkies and would like to know if you are interested in trading a couple of them for blacks or blues and possibly purchasing the others? I am limited as how many I can own here in Maine and they are about ready to be moved outside. I would like them to go to an experienced silkie breeder as I've raised them myself from day olds. please let me know, thank you Denise denisetoots@yahoo,com

Apr 13, 2016
Looking for Silkie NEW
by: Anonymous


My son and I are looking for one or two Silkie (color not important). They will be our pets. We live in RI. Please email me at brennajbennett@yahoo.com

Thank you

Mar 24, 2016
Hens hatching eggs naturally NEW
by: Anonymous

Mark your eggs with the date; candle them a week after you set them; save eggs for no more than 10 days before you set them, make sure the hen is isolated so no more eggs will be laid in her nest; leave food and water near by so she can see it;if she runs away with her first chick before the other eggs hatch, take the chicks away and give them back when they are all hatched - at night. By morning she will accept them all together, hopefully. There is a lot of luck involved so don't get discouraged because every hen is not a good mother - just like us! Just try again.

Mar 24, 2016
Question NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi Kate,
I was wondering at which point can a female silkie begin to hatch fertilized eggs outdoors ( in a hen house)? My female sits on them all day, and I need to lift her out to eat and drink. As I am aware it takes @21 days, i have managed to candle and filter out those eggs I know have died. KateKing1@mac.com

Jan 18, 2016
Question about the breed
by: Anonymous

I was interested in getting some Silkies. I was wondering how you house them. I know they have hair like feathers so do they need special care? I have a flock of chickens. Can they be housed with non-silkie breeds?


Jan 09, 2016
Any Silkie Bantam mixes available?
by: Wendy

I would like to know if you have any Silkie Bantam mix chickens available. We recently lost one and her remaining sister needs a friend. Could you let me know if you have anything available? We also live in MA. Contact me at durkin20@verizon.net

Sep 19, 2015
Bearded Silkie inquiry
by: Sue P.

Hi Kate,

We have a flock of 4 bearded Silkie hens that are our beloved pets. They live in the cleanest coop around, spoiled with organic feed and veggies, and enjoy periodic baths to keep them healthy and fluffy. ;)

We are looking to expand our flock by just a couple more. I realize that it’s the end of the season, but would you happen to have any bearded Silkie chicks or pullets for sale? If not, would you know anyone in the local area who might?

Sue from Ashland, Mass.

Aug 21, 2015
Silkie chicks
by: Hailey

I am interested in buying a white bearded Silkie is there any way I could pick one up sometime this month? If so I need to know where you are located. Thanks

Aug 09, 2015
Many youngsters to sell now - no shipping
by: Kate Morreale

White and Black young silkies to sell right now - No shipping, sorry. I will be at fall shows for you to see and pick from. Thanks, Kate

Jul 06, 2015
White Silkies
by: Millie

Looking for some show quality silkies for my son. He wants to do his first show this year and our first bird that we bought is not show quality.Let me know what you have, prices, etc.


Jun 11, 2015
need silkie chicks
by: Anonymous

Please I'm in ISO some silkie chicks color isn't important just some healthy chicks. I'm in chicopee mass but my farm is in wilbraham mass. Please text me info. 14136934786

Mar 16, 2015
by: Mags

Hi looking for blue bearded hen/pullet or splash bearded hen/pullet. Please email and let me know either way. Redneck2 plus2@gmail.com.

Thank you

Jan 25, 2015
looking for our first silkie bantams
by: Anonymous

looking to get our first silkie bantams in march, hoping for nonbearded and very friendly. can you help?

Contact me by email: Kelsealr9@aol.com
we are located in gloucester, ma

Jan 17, 2015
Looking for SQ white non bearded hen
by: Anonymous

Do you have any juvenile white non bearded hens available? I'm located in central MA.

Jan 14, 2015
Black Silkie Pullet
by: Betty

I just lost my pet black Silkie pullet to pneumonia and I am trying to find one to replace her. If you have one, please email me at bettymasters@hotmail.com. Thanks.

Dec 24, 2014
Silkie chick
by: Anonymous

I was wondering if you will have a white silkie chick available early 2015. Preferably a female and it will be our family's new pet! Live out of state but willing to travel to pick her up! Text me at 3474956260, thanks!

Oct 28, 2014
Silkie hens
by: Steve

Looking for a few silkie hens Will travel somewhat around new England. I'm in Vt 802 342 6789

Jul 19, 2014
Contact Info for Golden Egg Farm
by: Kate Morreale

kate@goldeneggfarm.com www.goldeneggfarm.com

May 16, 2014
Looking for two silkie ladies!
by: Anonymous

I would love to welcome two silkies ladies to my home. I hoping for 4week old s or older but am equipped for any age. Please contact me at Kristinskelly13@yahpp.com. I am located in Connecticut.

May 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

I need a few female silkies! Chicks or hens! Email me pries at matty1237958@icloud.com

May 15, 2014
by: Anonymous

I need female silkie chicks! You have any or know anyone who has any for sale.

May 11, 2014
Want some silkies
by: Anonymous

I've heard these are very sweet birds and would like 3 bearded hens, at least one should be white.

May 09, 2014
by: julie

hey there, looking for 3-4 silkie chicks for spring.

Mar 13, 2014
by: Anonymous

Hi Where are you located. I would like to purchase 3 Bantams to add to my flock.
I would be willing to pick them up
Thank you, Linda Hooker

Dec 02, 2013
Help Please! We lost a hen to a Hawk
by: Anonymous

We are looking to replace a hen that a hawk killed today…we have 3 other silkie hens, all are buff (tannish) colored and I cannot tell my daughter what happened today while I was cleaning their coop….
Please if anyone has a hen they could sell to a good home..we have had these beauties since they were day old chicks in April…I feel terrible and I want to try to replace her soon…
Thank you

Aug 15, 2013
Wanting to buy
by: Anonymous

Hi i was wanting to know if you currently had any for sale or maybe when you would contact me at brenden_thomas3@hotmail.com or 16188390094

Jun 26, 2013
looking for 12 week old chickens
by: amy

high im looking for one age 12 weeks to add to out 5 others 4 sextings one french chicken if any are a vailabaail could you please contact me at renee76@excite.com we free range 1 acher with nonclimable fence
thank you

May 26, 2013
Looking for a pair!
by: Anonymous

Hi, I am looking for a pair male and female, one white one black, would you happen to have any available? Thank you!

Apr 30, 2013
Looking for Hens
by: Lyndsey Delorto

I would like a few girls just as pets. We are vegetarians and top priority is making sure they come from a good place. Do not care about age or color or if they are laying yet, as long as we know they are female and from a good home. I am ok with show quality or pet quality just looking for a price estimate and if any are avalable.

Nov 28, 2012
by: Tricia

Do you ship eggs and live birds? How much are your eggs per dozen if you sell them? Also how much are you selling your adults for?

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MA - Champion Silkie Hatching Eggs

by Kate
(Central Mass, USA)

Champion Silkie from Godlen Egg Farm

Champion Silkie from Godlen Egg Farm

Golden Egg Farm, Champion Silkies
Master Exhibitor and Breeder of Whites and Blacks
Bearded Blues as well as non bearded Whites and Blacks. Hatching Eggs only shipped in the Spring.
$100.00 per dozen with extras and free shipping.
NPIP #2199 20 years breeding by the Standard. Contact me at kate@goldeneggfarm.com or 413-477-8872. Visit www.goldeneggfarm.com

Comments for MA - Champion Silkie Hatching Eggs

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Dec 28, 2014
Non-bearded White Silkies
by: Richard in Charlotte, NC

I ordered Non-bearded White Silkie hatching eggs in April 2013 from Kate, and they arrived with no breakage and with extra eggs included. They had good hatchability, and the quality of the adult birds is outstanding. Kate has some of the best if not the best Non-bearded White Silkies in North America. I highly recommend her bloodline.

Sep 08, 2013
Golden Egg Farm Champion Silkies
by: Kate Morreale

Most recent win was the Spencer Fair, Grand Champion!
My contact info is 413-477-8872 or kate@goldeneggfarm.com
I do have birds to sell right now.
Thanks for looking!

Aug 18, 2013
if she does not have any available
by: Anonymous

if she does not check out the up and comeing fairesin nhand topsfield mass thas were usually you can buy them with llts of choices or even the want adds

Aug 15, 2013
wanting to buy
by: Anonymous

hi i was wondering if you currently have any birds for sale ? Brenden_thomas3@hotmail.com

Aug 15, 2013
wanting to buy
by: Anonymous

hi i was wondering if you currently have any birds for sale ?

Aug 01, 2013
hi do you know of any oneselling silkies age would need to be around 16 weeks t
by: Anonymous

hi i am looking for 1 or two silkies age would need to be around 16 weeks ,ihave 6 other chickens looking finish my flock i have 1 acer for them to free range and also fenced in if you dont could you please put me in touch with some one who might i live in mass and will pick up thank you AmyReynolds 781-264-2096

Feb 01, 2013
Very Nice Birds
by: Sabrina

Love your page. Love your silkies!

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