MO - Dutch Hookbill Hatching Eggs

by Connie Abeln

Looking to share our good Dutch Hookbill ducks with breeders who will appreciate and use them. This spring and summer we will have a limited number of hatching eggs available, but we are sold out of juveniles and adults.

Dutch Hookbills are listed with the Livestock Conservancy as critically endangered ducks. They are friendly outdoor birds, hardy in cold and heat, good and reliable layers spring through fall. They eat very little feed if they have access to pasture, and they readily come back to their pen as it gets dark to be locked up safe. We have snowy, bibbed and dusky colors. The eggs are large, and range in color from pearl-white to light blue. Our flock is NPIP certified and AI-free.

We showed our Dutch Hookbill ducks for the first time at the Missouri State Poultry Association Double Show in Sedalia, Missouri, on April 15, 2017, with good results. Dutch Hookbills are not recognized yet by the American Poultry Association, so they show under All Other Ducks.

Our prices for Dutch Hookbill Ducks are:
If they were showed and won, $50/bird
If show quality but not yet showed, $40/bird
If not show quality but almost perfect, $25/bird

We are currently sold out of all adult and juvenile birds.

We have hatching eggs when the ducks begin to lay in the spring. We will begin shipping hatching eggs in April, when the weather warms enough for safe shipping of viable eggs. We will fill last year’s orders first, then move on to this year’s requests.

Hatching eggs are $30/dozen. We will need to know if you have a color preference, or want a mix. We cannot guarantee what happens to eggs after they leave our control, but they will be insured. We will send you the shipping receipt with the tracking number, so you can track their trip, and file any insurance claims with the USPS, if needed.

* We will not ship live birds until USPS shipping for live animals becomes more reliable.
* Hatching eggs are shipped express mail, delivery guaranteed in 1-2 days depending on location, marked fragile-special handling, and in a large padded box to minimize damage from physical movement and temperature changes. Shipping costs range from $80-125, depending on distance and weight of eggs shipped.
* All shipments are insured, and the buyer is responsible for filing any insurance claims with the US Postal Service if the eggs arrive late or broken. The buyer pays for all shipping costs.

Contact me at to order eggs for shipping, or to coordinate a good time and place to meet for delivering hatching eggs. We are near Saint Louis, Missouri, and we regularly attend the Clearview Feed Small Animal Swap in Union, Missouri. We are planning to attend the 2021 Ohio National in Columbus in November. We attend some swaps and shows in other states, so we may be able to work something out.

Updated March 1, 2021

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Aug 10, 2021
by: Simone Chapman

Hi I would like to get some eggs off you if at all possible my email address is

Jun 27, 2021
Hi, Kyle NEW
by: Connie

Thanks for contacting me. Send your email address to me at, and I will add you to the list.

Jun 27, 2021
Hook Bill Hatching Eggs
by: Kyle

Hello, was wond you have any hookbill eggs available or if I could get on a waiting list? Thanks Kyle

Jun 27, 2021
Hook Bill Hatching Eggs NEW
by: Kyle

Hello, was wond you have any hookbill eggs available or if I could get on a waiting list? Thanks Kyle

Oct 08, 2020
How this works
by: Anonymous

The way this works is that you contact me at, and I will respond as soon as I can. This year has been hectic for us!
We are at the end of the laying season now, so you could request a spot on the list for spring.

Oct 01, 2020
One quick question NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi, I would really like to get some hookbill ducks this is my second time being on this site. And I don´t really understand how it works and how I can order so can someone explain how to order these ducklings or hatching eggs.
Thank You!

Jun 20, 2020
Hi, Fara,
by: Connie Abeln

Thank you for contacting me. I just got back from a trip and I am still catching up on emails. I see in your email that you inquired about ducklings, but I do not have ducklings this year, only hatching eggs.

Jun 20, 2020
Dutch Hookbills for sale
by: Fara Ferguson

I emailed earlier this week, but I have not heard back. I am wondering it my e-mail might have went into your spam folder? Thanks,

Aug 27, 2019
Contact NEW
by: Connie Abeln

You can contact me at

Aug 27, 2019
Interested in your birds and business NEW
by: Anonymous

I would love to be put on a list for next year or anytime for a pair of adults or even ducklings. Wish I saw this post prior to fair! How do we contact you

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