MO – Sultan Hatching Eggs & Birds

by Connie Abeln

Looking to share our good show-quality white Sultans with breeders who will appreciate and use them. Right now we have hatching eggs available, but we are sold out of our adults and juvenile birds.

Our Sultans are standard-size, all-purpose, outdoor birds, hardy in cold and heat. Sultans are smaller than other standard birds and larger than bantams, so we suggest that you do not mix them into large-breed or bantam flocks. Sultans are good layers of medium-size white eggs. Our flock is NPIP certified and AI-free.

We show our Sultans regularly at state fairs and poultry shows, to make sure our stock stays consistent with the American Poultry Association standards. Our most recent show was the Tulsa State Fair Poultry Show in September 2018, where our Sultan cockerel won Best of Breed/Best of Variety, and our Sultan pullet won Reserve Breed/Reserve Variety.

When they are available, our prices for adult and juvenile Sultans are:
- If shown and won, $50/bird
- If show quality but not yet shown, $35/bird
- If not show quality but almost perfect, $25/bird
- If a good Sultan type, $15/bird

Currently, we are sold out of juvenile and adult Sultans.

Hatching eggs are $30/dozen. We cannot guarantee what happens to eggs after they leave our control. We will send you the shipping receipt with the tracking number, so you can track their trip, and file any claims, if needed.

We will also ship when the weather permits, spring and fall mostly.
* For live birds, shipping costs range from $100-150, depending on your location and the weight of the birds, and include the Horizon N.E.S.T. USPS-approved shipping box and USPS overnight shipping, if available. We can ship up to two Sultans in a N.E.S.T. We will ship only through U.S. Postal Service, weather permitting.
* Hatching eggs are shipped next-day express mail, special handling, and in a padded box. Shipping costs range from $50-80, depending on distance and number of eggs shipped.
* All shipments are insured, and the buyer is responsible for filing any insurance claims with the US Postal Service if the eggs arrive late or broken. The buyer pays for all shipping costs.

Contact me at and we will coordinate a good time and place to meet for delivering hatching eggs. We are near Saint Louis, Missouri, and we regularly attend the Clearview Feed Small Animal Swap in Union, Missouri, but we attend swaps and shows in other states, so we may be able to work something out.

Our next planned shows are:
- Tulsa State Fair Poultry Show, Tulsa, Oklahoma, September 28-29, 2019
- Ohio National Poultry Show, Nov 9-10, 2019

Note: We do ship adult and juvenile chickens, weather permitting, but we do not ship chicks.

Updated August 3, 2019

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