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NJ - Barnevelders , South Jersey

We are a small family run Farmette in South Jersey. We sell eggs, chicks and sometimes started chickens. We do ship!

We only breed with our show quality birds.
Our feed is all natural and every group of birds gets to free range on a regular basis.
We also breed Welsummer & Breda fowl in Black, Mottled and Cuckoo.
We are NPIP certified and AI tested every 3 months

One of our Barnevelder roosters won Champion Continental at our last show. Our next show will be Boston November 1st, Ohio National November 7-9th and then Dixie Classic in TN December 6-7th

Check out our webpage at
or contact us at

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Oct 25, 2018
Looking for a young barnevelder rooster. NEW
by: RC Galvan

I lost my barnevelder breeding rooster and looking for a young barnevelder rooster replacement. If you have any for sale please contact me at or (956) 377-9402.

Aug 11, 2018
Looking for adult lue Double Laced Barnevelder pullet NEW
by: Anonymous

I like to have some started out blue Double Laced Barnevelder if you have any available. My email is

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