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OH - Bielefelder chicks

by Meagan

Bielefelder Rooster

Bielefelder Rooster

Bielefelder chicks and hatching eggs available. Parent stock have bloodlines from all three imports of Bielefelders to the US through Greenfire Farms. Our chickens are free ranged as much as possible and selected for size, color, and temperament. Egg production is also taken into consideration. Our goal is to produce chickens that will lay well as well as produce a nice carcass for the table. Unable to ship chick/eggs at this time. Local pickup only. We also offer Blue Copper Marans, Silkies, and colored eggers as well as Kinder goats and Champagne d/Argent rabbits. If interested in any of these critters, please email me at ElimAcres@reagan.com Thanks! Meagan Goodman

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