OH - Phoenix Eggs, Chicks, Adults

by Carolyne A Dular
(Eaton Township, Ohio, USA)

Member APBA since 2018.

..............Currently hatching.........
LF and Bantam.

Currently available:

1.2020 Young Bantam White pair available from fall hatch.

Hatch from 1/13/2020 straight run

Breeding pens being set up.
Golden, BBR and Silver

Non recognized blue

pictures are from our original cock

Original Cock from local breeder in August 2017. 2017 hatch Hen was Champ AOSC county fair 2018. First show in NY 2018. Ohio National 2018 and 2019. Since we have added Input stock from American Phoenix Breeders Association Tom, Mike and Vincent.
Family project.
Farm and a Leg at Beaver Creek on facebook


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