OR - Golden & Silver Campines on the West Coast

by Kerby Jackson
(Grants Pass, Oregon)

Campines in Golden & Silver.

Bred To Standard
For Utility
For Vigor
For Beauty

Also redeveloping Rosecomb Campines and Chamois Campines

Breeding Stock and Hatching Eggs often available.

Sharing Campine information, my specialty.

Member: Society For the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities
American Poultry Association
The Livestock Conservancy

Visit: www.campines.net

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    Frizzle-Silk chocolate Rooster needs his own house girls or great house pet! Under a year old Diaper trained. Rare feather type!! $100 OBO plus shipping

  2. TN - Seramas in middle Tennessee

    I have many different ages from hatchlings to grown. Many different colors. Very friendly and loving birds. Handled to be pet friendly. I am NPIP certified.

  3. CO - Jumbo Coturnix Quail

    We are a breeder of fine quality japanese coturnix quail. Natural and Holistically raised just outside of Grand Junction, CO. Contact us at rootsfromeden@gmail.com

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