PA (NW) - d'Uccles

by Kaylee Allen
(Hartstown, Pennsylvania)

I am located in Hartstown, PA. I am NPIP (#23-642) and can ship. I also attend many poultry shows. Eggs, juveniles and mature birds are mainly available and I am willing to ship all. Sometimes I have well-started chicks available (only available at shows or for local pick-up). I do show, but mainly show my mottled birds which do well regularly. My birds are breeder and show quality. Every bird is vaccinated for Marek's.
Dozen of eggs: $65 shipped
Chicks: $10 each
Juveniles: $15-30
Mature birds: $30-50

I raise all ABA recognized varieties (mille fleur, porcelain, golden neck, white, mottled, blue, black, buff, gray and self blue), plus several project colors. Additional colors include, blue mottled, splash, white gold birchen, brown red, lemon blue, quail, dun quail, white quail, barred, silver mille fleur, silver porcelain, blue buff columbian, buff columbian, self blue mottled, blue quail, black breasted red, and red pyle.

I generally only have the ABA recognized colors available due to them being more consistent than some of the project colors, but occasionally I will offer some eggs from them or occasionally juveniles and mature birds.

I can be reached at:

If you want birds, get with me early as my birds usually are spoken for very early.

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Jan 19, 2022
purchase hatching eggs NEW
by: Laurie B.

I would like to purchase hatching eggs for the mille fleur and porcelain Belgian d' a
50/50 mix.

respond to me at:
I live in Westfield, Mass
give me instruction for payment and shipping.

Thanks, Laurie

Jan 08, 2022
Black and white d’uccle
by: Katherine

I would love to buy a black and white d’uccle. Phone number please!

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