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(Crump, TN)

Due to past problems with the postal system, we will only ship eggs. However, chicks can be hatched for you to pick up at our farm in TN or other transportation arrangements can be made (we often deliver to shows or will meet at some designated half-way point). Hatch orders are started with a prepaid deposit and balance due at pick-up. Straight run (unsexed). Our adults are show quality, large, non-production Leghorns.

You can reach us via our Facebook page at CHICK N STUFF or by text message to 731-607-7324/901-490-0022. We are located in Crump, TN. Long standing members of the APA, ALFA, the LIVESTOCK CONSERVANCY along with various breed clubs.

Images are available upon request but will be added to this page at a later date.

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