Wanted: Biology Teacher Looking to Pay $200 for White Mandarin Hatching Eggs

by Cally

Photo credit: Martien Uiterweerd

Photo credit: Martien Uiterweerd

Hello - I am a biology teacher as well as a duck mom to a pair of very spoiled mandarins that I kept after incubating and hatching them last spring as part of a classroom project in genetics, cell division and development. The experience fully engaged my class and we were very successful in incubating the mailed eggs (we had a 75% hatch rate). What I’d love to do this year is to duplicate the process but hopefully have eggs that contain the white mutation - the male factor genetics would be a meaningful and fascinating real world demonstration for the kids - helping them understand ‘split male’ and recessive vs dominant genes, etc. If you are willing to sell me 6-12 eggs (from a white pair) I would be able to apply to my school’s budget to get approval for our department’s special project stipend of $200. I appreciate you taking the time to read thru my email and hope to hear from you. My email is callyz@comcast.net

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