WV - Seramas for Sale

by 304 776 4650
(Charleston West Virginia)

Small Seramas, bantams. Some black, some blue and white spotted and some red and gold. Head is directly over their feet. Wing feathers drag the ground and chest sticks out. I have about thirty birds. I got eggs from Woodfield Maryland in 2016.
100.00 pair-pick up only
304 776 4650
616 Limestone Rd.
Charleston WV

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Feb 13, 2019
hello back whats up NEW
by: Anonymous

I have chiks and puletts and one full grown rooster I just sold 20 seramas had to many for winter keep I kept nine for breeding stok

Jan 31, 2019
by: Anonymous


Jan 02, 2019
plenty ov hens NEW
by: wv seramas

I do not ship in mail pick up only

Dec 31, 2018
Hens NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you have any Serama hens for sale? Do you ship your birds? I'm in North Carolina looking for two hens for my rooster. Please let me know.

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