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Black, Blue, White, Silver, Buff, Wheaten, Blue Wheaten, Lavender, & Brown Red.

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Mearns Quail 
Mearns Quail pair for sale

LA - Amereraucana Bantams (Easter Egg Chicken), Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, Golden Laced Wyandotte, Cockoo Marans, Blue Copper Marans, Black Japanese Batnams 
Next available dates begin September 1, 2014 Hatching Eggs $ 2.00 ea Day old Chicks $ 4.00 ea Juvenile 4 weeks + $ 6.00 ea Started …

MI - Ameraucana bantam day-old chicks, March - May. 
Bantam: buff, lavender & silver. Go to for details and an order form. Also have large fowl available. Order early to avoid disappointment. …

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Wanted: Bantam White Ameraucana 
Seeking hatching eggs to be shipped to me. Or will consider chicks, if I don't have to order a large quantity.

Wanted: Ameraucana Bantam hybrid pullets 
Want to purchase Ameraucana Bantams - Rhode Island White hybrid - pullets. For a family. Will pay top dollar.

FL - Ameraucauna  
I'm looking to purchase an Ameraucana hen that lays pink eggs..

Wheaton, Blue Wheaton, and Blue Ameraucana BANTAMS 
We are looking for Wheaton, Blue Wheaton, and Blue Ameraucana BANTAMS. We are in Illinois, but are willing to travel in Midwest, East, and even to the …

VA - Ameraucana Bantams Wanted 
I live in central Virginia but will travel. (804)317-3991. Todd Hawkins

Black Bantam Ameracaunas  
I live in Estes Park, CO & I'm looking for a black bantam ameracauna possibly split to chocolate or lavender . Call or text 303-552-7112. Thank you.

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