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Barred, Birchen, Black, Black Tailed Red, Blue, Brown Red, Buff, Buff Columbian, Columbian, Golden Laced, Lemon Blue, Mottled, Partridge, Red, Silver Laced, Silver Penciled & White

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NC - Blue & Black Mottled, Mill Fleur, Birchen, Splash Bantam Cochins 
We have been working on these birds for several years now. They are beautiful, docile birds. We do not ship birds, however we do ship eggs. Please …

NH - Black Cochin Bantam cockerel - 8 months old 
Very nice to his hens, tolerates a no-crow collar. Looking for a good home as I can't keep anymore boys with my space.

PA - Birchen Cochen Bantam 
For sale Birchen Cochin, Very calm and friendly hand fed. I have too many roos and need to part with some. Less then 1 year old. I live in the Pocono's. …

NH - Bantam Cochins - Lavender, Frizzled & Smooth 
Lavender, Frizzled and Smooth Bantam Cochins available. Contact us at

IN - Bantam Cochins-Black, Blue,Splash and Frizzle 
I have birds available at different times of the year. Email me for availability at

CT - Bantam BBS and White Cochins for Sale 
Hi, I have bantam cochins for sale in eggs, chicks, and adults in the following colors; White, Black, Blue, and Splash. My flock is NPIP for both …

MI - Cochin Bantams 
I have 4 beautiful bantam Splash Cochin cockerels (5 months old) and 3 Mottled Cochin cockerels (3 months old). Available for pick-up only. I showed one …

WI - Partridge Cochin Bantam Rooster 
I bought three and can only keep show rooster is available. I am in Wisconsin, but heading to Lexington and willing to bring along if arrangements …

OR - Lavender Cochin Bantams 
I have three Lavender Cochin bantams that are 3 months old. I believe they are going to be roosters. $10 each..........for pick-up shipping. …

VT - Cochin Bantams - Black and Whites 
Started and adult birds available. Delivery to shows or shipping. Best to email Mark or Lisa and leave a message on what you're looking for. …

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Wanted: D'Uccles, Polish Bantams, Cochin Bantams, Dutch Bantams  
I am looking for some help locating some birds. A raccoon virtually wiped our entire flock last night. I found 25+ birds dead. I need to find some Polish …

Wanted: Pullet silkies and or frizzle cochins. 
ISO pullet silkies or frizzle Cochin's to add to a small family flock. I live 45 minutes Southeast of Albany. Please email me at with …

Wanted: Mille Fleur Cochin bantams or eggs 
Looking for Mille Fleur Cochin bantams or eggs. Email me at

Wanted: Cochin Bantams 
I'm looking for young bantams. Preferred Cochins but interested in starting a small "pet" flock. I may be starting my flock with 2 young seabright hens …

Wanted: Blue Cochin Bantams 
I would love to buy a few Blue Cochin Bantams. I live in north Florida. Email

Wanted: Calico Cochins 
I am looking for Calico cochins in Southeastern Louisiana, Best way to contact is by text at 985-514-0998

Wanted: Calico Cochins 
Looking for chicks or breeding pair. I live in Central VA. Email:

Wanted: Blue Cochin Chicks 
I am looking for 2 female blue cochin chicks for my granddaughter for Easter.We have other chickens and a safe home for them. I am on the eastern shore …

Wanted: Mottled Cochin Bantams 
I am looking for a breeding pair of show quality Mottled Cochin Bantams for my daughter who is wanting to show these birds for 4H, at poultry shows and …

Wanted: Cochin or Australorp Bantams 
I am looking for pet quality Australorp or Cochin Bantams near Baltimore, MD. I will be at the State Show in Frederick, MD. Text 410-952-5764

Wanted: Frizzled Cochin 
I am looking for frizzed Cochin in the Boulder/Denver/NW front range area. Email me at

Wanted: Calico Cochin Bantam Hen 
I am looking for a calico cohin/bantam hen and I will be at the Springfield poultry show on the 18th of May 2014!

Wanted: Buff Cochin bantam or Orpington 
We are in need of bantam buff cochins or Orpingtons. Any color variety would be OK, however. We are located in Jefferson county, Ohio (near Steubenville). …

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What's New Around Here?

  1. Wanted: Lemon Pyle Brahmas or Buff Laced, Blue Buff

    In search of Lemon Pyle Brahmas - adults, chicks or hatching eggs. I'd also be interested in Blue Buff and Buff Laced Brahmas. Located in Southern California.

  2. NC - Seramas

    I Love my seramas!! I have obtained them from all over and I really have a nice color selection. I only have smooth seramas as of right now but I will

  3. Wanted: in Tx. Silver laced wyandotte cockerel or rooster.

    WANTED : In Texas , Silver Laced Wyandotte : Looking for a young rooster/cockerel for sale. Must be very good quality,good genetics, and docile. Or a trio

  4. MD - Gentle Blue Cochin Rooster

    MARYLAND, August 2017 - We are downsizing and need to find a new home for our beautiful one-year-old blue cochin rooster. He is not aggressive and would

  5. Wanted: Juvenile Silkie

    We found an orphan white Silkie running on a busy intersection. We caught her, built her a coop, and run with all the comforts of home. She is young,

  6. Southwest Missouri Poultry Show

    Information on the Southwest Missouri Poultry Show