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Barred, Black, Black Tailed Buff, Black Tailed White, Brown Red, Gray, Mottled, Wheaten, Black Breasted Red, Black Tailed Red, Blue, Self Blue, Silver Duckwing, Silver Laced, White & White Bearded

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FL - Bantam Black Tail White Japanese  
They come from Show Quality stock but are not show quality due to having long legs. They are very sweet birds great for cleaning the bugs out of the yard. …

CA - Gray Japanese Bantam Rooster - 6 mos 
Gorgeous hand raised Gray Japanese Bantam Rooster. 6 months old, very tame, excellent with the hens and a complete gentleman! lisambakos@gmail.com

WI - Black Tailed White Japanese Roosters 
I have 10 Japanese roosters for sale. All have nice short legs and high tail sets. Asking $10 a roo. Email: hawkhillhaven@yahoo.com

CA - Black Tailed Buff Japanese Bantams 
I am going to have at least six (maybe more) Black Tailed Buff Japanese Bantams around early October-November that will be roughly six months old and …

IN - 1 pair of Black-Tailed Buff Japanese & 1 extra Roo, & 1 splash Maran, all nearly 6 mos. old  
Lovely pair of Black-Tailed Buff Japanese & an extra Roo that is 5 1/2 mos old, somewhat tame, & free range. She is at point of lay. They are very beautiful, …

NH - Japanese Bantams 
Contact us at www.chickenswapsofnh.com for more information.

OH - Blue Tail Buff Japanese Bantams 
Blue Tail Buff Japanese bantams. I am in Ohio, can ship. 740-397-3500 or email heffnerfarm@centurylink.net

PA - Japanese Bantams: White, Black, BTW, Mottled 
Currently taking orders for fall 2017 for all varieties. Availability will be determined at that time. Willing to consider trades with other JBBA members. …

MI- Japanese cockerels-Black tailed buff-Mottled  
I have one Black tailed buff Japanese cockerel and one Mottled Japanese cockerel for sale. Both cockerels are 5 months old. I am also trying to breed Gray, …

IN - Show Quality Grey Japanese  
Show quality chicks, young birds, and eventually adults for sale. Will be at central Indiana Lebanon show for sale and possibly the National Columbus …

VA - Blacktail buff, Blacktail white, Mottled, bar, koko bar, Okina,and black Japanese 
Blacktail Buff, Blacktail White, Mottled, Bar, Koko Bar, Okina,and Black Japanese are available. Birds are pet to breeder quality. tmathes1@cox.net …

NH - Black Tailed White Japanese Bantams 
Show quality/breeder quality cocks, hens, pullets, and cockerels - $15+ per bird Long-legged chicks - $2.50 each Email cyoungnh@yahoo.com or call …

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Wanted: White Japanese bantams 
My name is Natalie, I am looking for show quality white Japanese and black tailed white Japanese with short shanks and swoopy wings. Located in Indiana. …

Wanted: Japanese Bantams 
My name is Charles Cromer and I am from Newberry, SC and I am looking for some good show quality Japanese Bantams in the following varieties: Blacks, Black …

Wanted: Japanese trio in white or black or black tailed white  
Looking for a trio in one or more colors. Would like to find show quality for my daughter to start showing. Please email me at tracieandjosh@yahoo.com …

Wanted: Black-tailed White Japanese Bantam 
I am looking for a pair of white tailed japanese bantams. I am located in Bedford, PA and you can reach me thru email kccritters@ymail.com

Wanted: Blue Tailed White Japanese Bantam 
Looking for Blue Tailed White Japanese Bantam. Having a hard time finding them. Located near Plattsburg, Mo. Can be reached at shoemakeand@yahoo.com

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  6. Wanted: in Tx. Silver laced wyandotte cockerel or rooster.

    WANTED : In Texas , Silver Laced Wyandotte : Looking for a young rooster/cockerel for sale. Must be very good quality,good genetics, and docile. Or a trio