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March 21, 2017 Update: 

"In an effort to protect Kentucky’s backyard poultry, KDA’s Office of the State Veterinarian (OSV) is placing restrictions on movement of poultry in Kentucky. The KDA OSV anticipates these protective measures to be temporary and will be amended as disease and environmental conditions dictate.      

Effective this date, the following restrictions are imposed on poultry movements:

All avian comingling sales and show events are banned. These include, but are not restricted to, stockyards, flea markets, swap meets, and shows."


Green River Poultry Club, Inc. Spring Show Cancelled for 2017
Shelby Co. Fair & Horse Show June 21-24, 2017
Breckinridge County Fair July 10-15, 2017
Kentucky State Fair August 17-27, 2017
Green River Poultry Club, Inc. Fall Show October 14, 2017
National Young Bird Show October 28, 2017
Appalachian Classic November 18, 2017
Edmonson County Fair September 10, 2016
Kentuckiana Poultry Show No Fall 2016 Show

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