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AZ - Seramas For Sale 
We breed for type and size, usually incubating and hatching year around. Pictured is a mottled pullet. We can be reached by email at …

TX - Seramas 
I have Seramas (Coco pop ) , very typy, super quality. All birds are full grown. If you are interested, reach me at 832-868-1716. Ask for rexee. Or email …

NC - Seramas 
I have class a,b,c Seramas for sale, roosters or hens. $45 for class a, $35 for b, and $25 for class c.

IN - Seramas  
We have Seramas for sale from time to time if you are interested, please email ( your phone number and name. We are located in Indiana. …

MT - American Serama 
I have American Seramas all colors, from Cuckoo to buff, mottles etc. Eggs available and young birds to adults. 4-H discounts. Breeders and Singles. Dillon …

South LA - Serama Bantams 
If you're looking for quality Seramas I may have what you are looking for. Ccontact me or see photos of my seramas on facebook. You may reach me at …

NC - Tabor City Seramas 
I have been breeding Seramas 4 years. All breeders come from quality Seramas. All my birds for sale come from these roosters and hens. Call text or email …

OH - Serama Roosters 
I will not have have any more to sell until after the spring hatch season. Please contact me if you'd like to be put on our waiting list. lf you want …

TX - American Seramas 
I have been raising these birds for 3 years and have established a nice flock. I will have both hens and roosters for sale from time to time. Email if …

CA - Seramas 
I am selling seramas, hens and roosters. They vary in class and type. Around $50 each, if you live in the Los Angeles area you can come to our barn and …

OH - White American Serama 
White American Serama - cockerels and pullets available in fall. (740) 333-5080 or

WA -Seramas 
Anna Ballard/Red Rooster Farm has Seramas for sale on our website at

TX - American Seramas 
We love our sweet, little toy soldiers. We have young juvenile Seramas with fantastic personalities that are typy and colorful available. Come see us …

FL - American Seramas 
We have Cockerels and Pullets for sale , they are listed in the For sale page on our website

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Wanted: Serama Bantams Not rated yet
I am looking for a trio of serama bantam chicks. I plan on showing them in October, so they must be old enough to be fully feathered out by that time. …

Info about Seramas  Not rated yet
Hi... My name is Blain and I live in eastern CT. I would like to hook up with someone in my area to show me what to look for when purchasing Seramas. I …

IA - Seramas Not rated yet
Central Iowa. Email, or call 515-859-3952 Thank You.

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