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2017 Lawrence County Poultry Club “ Davy Crockett Classic”

by Shelia Clanton
(Florence, Al., U.S.)

Show Champion White Tag, Keith Wagoner

Show Champion White Tag, Keith Wagoner

Hello!! We had a wonderful time at this years 17th Annual Fall Show, Nov. 11, 2017, with over 400+ entries. The club members thanks everyone for their support, without it, there wouldn’t be a show in the Amish Country. We look forward to seeing everyone again in Feb. 17, 2018, for our annual spring show. In February we will be hosting the Japanese Bantams Breeders Association “National Meet”, we’re looking for over 200 entries in this class alone!! Also, we will be hosting the Serema Table Top show again, its gonna be another exciting show, with these two breed clubs, plus club auction, and junior show. More on the February show coming. Our club accepts Bantams, Standards, Waterfowl. For more info, and catalogs, please contact Shelia Clanton, 195 Milners Chapel Road, FLORENCE, Al. 35634. Info is on this site if needed. Here are a few of our winners from this years Nov. 2017.

Winners are the following: Blue Tag Judge: Ben Porter
Show Champion - White Japanese C by Keith Wagoner
Reserve Show Champion - Lemon Blue OE P by Douglas/King
Champion Modern - Birchen H by Beams Poultry Yard
Res Modern - Birchen P by Neil Hatchery
Ch OE - Lemon Blue P by Douglas/King
Res OE - Brown Rec H by Douglas/King
Ch SCCL - White Jap C by Keith Wagoner
Res - Barred Ply Rock H by Kitty Kisrow
Ch RCCL - Black Wyandotte H by John Philpot
Res - Black Wyandotte P by John Philpot
Ch Fleg - Black Langshan H by Todd Spidel
Res - Black Langshan P by Todd Spidel
Ch AOCCL - WC Blue Polish P by Cryar//Wagoner
Res - WC Black Polish P by Cryar/Wagoner
Ch Btm Duck - Gray Call C by Todd Spidel
Res - White Call P by Todd Spidel
Ch STD - Black Araucana H by Lindsay Helton
Res - B.B. Red Araucana H by Lisa May

Winners White Tag: Jim Adkins
Show Champion - BT White Jap P by Keith Wagoner
Res - White OE K by Natchez Trace Bantams
Ch Modern - Brown Red P by Herron Farms
Res - Birchen H by Neil Hatchery
Ch OE - White K by Natchez Trace Bantams
Res - Blue a Red C by Douglas/King
Ch SCCL - BT White Jap P by Keith Wagoner
Res - White Leghorn K by Ricky Shaw
Ch RCCL - Black Wyandotte H by John Philpot
Res - Golden Sebright P by Kristi/Randy Thompson
Ch Fleg - Buff Brahma K by Brian/Syble Buffington
Res - Brd Black Silkie H by Judy Lee
Ch AOCCL - Black Sumatra P by Easton Owens
Res - WC Blue Polish P by Cryar/Wagoner
Ch Btm Duck - White Call K by a Todd Spidel
Res - White Call H by Todd Spidel
Ch Jr - Gray Call H by Isabelle Urban
Res - Black OE K by Aaron Clapp
Ch STD - Buff Orpington P by Jerry Couch
Res - Black Araucana K by Lindsay Helton

Congratulations to all winners, there are no losers, just tuff competition/competitors. See you all soon, until next time...

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